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May 18, 2004

It always happen in phases and bursts, I promise to be on time and to update the page regularly but it never happens! why? I cant come up with the usual excuse of not able to take out time! c’on I need to come up with something new and exciting! well firstly i dont find it exciting enough to sit in front of computer and write what i feel about things, i admit ideas dont flow smoothly as it happen on paper, secondly things get too boring if theres nobody to hear what you saying, no no dont worry am not asking you guys to come up with comments and ideas and posts! Its enough, you guys need not do that, content i write is not exciting enough to force you comment. Last month it was different story all together! I was busy managing my time between my job and Beenish.Twelve days i spent with her will make a different blog all together, plan to pen down those days as soon as i get the magic thing Time! She was here from 3rd April to 15th April 2004! Well I wont say that i dont miss her or else i should admit! its a wonderful feeling! Oh! Vineet and Sachin now i understand what is it to have a grl frien and especially freaking out wid her! but those days were ephemeral, its really hard to accept that i wont be able to meet her again 😦 … nways … as she says keep moving … !!

This time i have two things to talk about Google and Sam Walton

GOOGLE: everybody who has visited world wide web, very well know the word Google, I can bet that you think searching online, you will be typing Google ctrl enter .. wait few seconds and a web page with no frills attached same ol’ look .. google has always believed in K I S S (Keep It Short and Simple). Hey why am i talking about google, for past few months google is back into news, here i go why

once again for innovative, simple and powerful idea of Gmail. yeah! google is planning to lauch google mail or simply put gmail . I have Yahoo, hotmail, rediffmail etc etc. I dont need another wats so innovative about gmail.As google says its a google approach to email. Idea behind gmail is that you never need to delete mail and always be able to find the mail you want. No points for guessing that it will be based on the Gogole search technology which will let you find the exact message you want irrespective of the fact that it was sent or received. Well hold your breath google will give you 1GB of web space. Want toknow more about gmail. Sad news is that it will take before it get open to general public, still in test phase
Have you ever explored google webpage, its more than just that home page to submit your search request, spend some time visiting

About Google

More Google

Secondly Google is in news for

Google IPO
Google is going public! It seems to be the IPO season this year, well google not gonna list on BSE! so its not for you! But here again Google followed K I S S and instead of publishing technical prosopectus full of finanical jargon, Brin and Page (founders of Google) has included a letter to investors which they call as “Owner’s Manual for Sharehoders”. Letter talk about companys goal, policies and the fact that google will follow unconventional path in future too. Interested in Full Letter Do read it once. Its worth reading. Especially company policy about Googlers, employees of google. Does your company do it?
Another uncanny thing about google IPO is the amount of money google wants to raise, usually companies raise money in round figures like $4million etc etc. But google seeks to raise $2.7billion. Still not sounding uncanny let me tell you the exact offering it is $2,718,281,828. Still.. not getting the fun in it … c’on take out your classXII math book to find that this number is nothing but product of “e” and $1billion. Yeah it is that most hated exponential or the base of natural logrithm.If you remember value of e is nothing but 2.718281828. This simple gimmick is good enough to make google stand away from the crowd. Lets see what happens to the IPO will it be a hit or a miss! I personally want it to be a Hit! Catch Latest news about the IPO Here
Hey !! its too much for now …. will talk about Sam Walton later .. When …. dont ask me! But will try to turn up soon. Till then waiting for your comments.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    May 18, 2004 10:46 pm

    Hi guys or shud i say sid.dnt think many wud b viewin dis blog.But i am pretty sure all of u r goin 2 catch up like me.Well I am not goin 2 talk about something Technical which in anywayz is not my forte,but it was gud 2 get some insights into google.So sid ji still flyin in the air!!!Great man,i hope i get 2 feel the same feelin felt by Bhalu,Vineet n Yes U Mr.Sid.
    Rest here is fine,not much work but doin a lot of work on .Net des dayz.Hopefully will become adept at it shortly.
    Well gtg now,have to catch 11 p.m. bus.
    Hope u guys r hale n healthy…
    Will find something worthwhile to write next time…

    Deepak M.

  2. May 18, 2004 11:31 pm

    Well … finally u got the link !! hmmm.. am not in air man … i was in air .. now am on ground and still trying to figure out wat was tht …and i no i will nvr be able to figure out tht.. nways good to see ya at blog now its time for u to get it strted and put up your own blog its fairly simple and easy to do so .. atleast have your account so that u wont hav to post anonymously.. well rite now am too tired too write anything came bak from office late now starting today am getting started wid my MBA prep and mite quit in June! chal phir c ya … and do rem to com bak !!–>

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