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At PC Quest

May 30, 2004

December last year, when i was looking for job, this job at PC Quest as a reviewer in PCQ Labs was a wonderful, in fact the best opportunity i could have got, from the very beginning I was reluctant to do a job with that tag in your neck and strict routines, I wished to write and be near to technology, understanding its core value, what is it and how can it change the life of an end user like me and you. Where else other than a media house like Cyber Media could I have done this? My job involved number of varied tasks like meeting people who make IT and Technology happen, I met Mr. Sanjay Sing IT manager of Timex and Mr Bimal Sareen who is a founder of Avaana Technologies, and is working in field of RFID development in Inida. Other part of my work involved testing and reviewing hardware and software, In my spell I put to test various Notebooks, PCs, Motherboards and the latest Prescott core processor from Intel to name a few. I was also involved with some of the technology articles that go in the magazine, i wrote articles on SIP Vs H.323 (both are the protocols for VoIP) Digital Rights Management (DRM), Identity Management. To sum up my tenure at Cyber Media gave me good exposure to technology, better put Technology put to Test !! Its a wonderful team in Labs .. Made some real good friens for years to come AnkitMobile phone, as me is a fresh entry in labs, is perturbed by his PC which restarts on its own and tell you what he really loves managingn MP3s on his MP3 player 😉Anindya Penguin !! think of Linux in PC Quest and you will be thinking of him. Anybody going for a Movie?? Please get along with this pengiun …he will never say no to a movie .. PVR Gurgaon is his home away from home. Anoop Server !! Somebody said dls (our internal server in labs is his baby !!), He taught me how to put to test all those piece of hardware!! Geetaj Multimedia ..Sourcing of products and get the Living Digital Page count managed is his hobby 😉 All those Digital cameras, sound cards, MP3 Players i reviewed and putting life to my dead writeups (for Living Digital) is his work !! These days he is busy understanding his new cell phone NOKIA 3310 errrrr 6610 ;)…Sanjay …hmmmm tough thing to touch will have to be really careful while writing about him … The Hands on chap !! Knows the rules of the game !! cant play around with him !! 3 years experience in Labs !! Diligent and always on time with his articles !! Even Marriage was also not enough to bring him on track, When he is on prowl … nobody is spared !! Beware of his leg pulling !! I was the lucky one not to be hammered by him much!! Later fresh graduates from ICFAI Hybd Sushil and Sudarshana joined our team few months back … Sushil MBA …. loves doing anything from Linux to Software reviews, 802.11b is for wireless network and shoot out is the best thing in Labs and TCS has a fully automatic Gym and swimming pool 😉 what say ?? Sudarshana Finance hmmm Shez trying to understand the labs hmmm poor grl was down with chicken pox for a month and now a days shez busy understanding digital cameras and chatting if not doing any othr thing 😉
Well tht was my team in Labs we all were a bunch of unorganized animals put to order by all mighty Anil, our BOSS !! Somebody said it cant be done ask him he has the solution!! Always full of enthusiasm and believes strongly in work while you work and play while you play funda !! Diligence to its extreme !! Labs minus Anil is impossible … As long as you give your articles on time he is the Best chap around , dont give articles on time and you know it …. BOSS is a BOSS 😉 Oh God give me 20% of his dedication and diligence and i will do wonders !! He gave me some real good lessons !! i owe to him a lot
KK as we call him is Editor PC Quest …. BOSS of BOSS i didnt have much interaction with him but few interactions wid him were enough to understand why people all around the world fear Bosses, he is not around much he is busy making strategies to boost up readership and make graphs to make us understand that we have to bring quality to our articles to meet the standards of enterprise readers .. CEO, CIO and system administrators .. He will come up with all sorts of triangles, quadrants and graphs to make us understand that … He is there to pay for the dinners if we stay back during night!! At the end of the day both were first boss then good friends !!
Last but not least … whole Edit team of PC Quest .. Juhi, Neha Pallavi working on the grammar and pepping up our articles. Hey How can i forget Bendi … who does the most important job of giving face value to our articles .. adding colors images and life to dead piece of black and white words … !! AroraG …the saviour to help you out in case you cant meet your word count …lil bit here lil bit there an image here and phew its done !!
Meenakshi CD wali … 😉 or Meenasexy … is tough girl !! luvs to play pranks with cell phones but when it comes to her cell phone she was crying all the way, says it was her style to take it back !! she also have a new NOKIA (33)6610 and that too with same ring tone as Geetaj’s 😉 … is it a conincidence ??
Shiv !! Money matters, bills and other administrator tasks he make them so easy !! we never realized. He is the sought after guy in the beginning of every month !!
(Finally .. I have tried my best not to be offensive to anybody … sorry if I have done so inadvertently.)
Well thts it … with PC Quest team I had wonderful time, these six months were really great time and the best spell I could have got after my engineering .. gave me lot of exposure to technologies and inside of PCs Helped me concrete my vagueness, I really enjoyed my days there, environment was like a college dorm, we shouted, played pranks, music, and obviously worked!! I will really miss all this would not get such a work place !! I had a time of my life and above all got paid for it !! But I have to listen to my gut feeling and give my best shot …. no more dreams …. have to work for it … so its time to get dwon to brass track and do some real work … will talk about my P O A for coming days in next post … Its gonna be tough but am upto it now

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  1. Ria permalink
    June 17, 2008 8:40 am

    Sid i loved reading dis post! I can imagine how much fun u must have had. As a a PR person, my interaction with the edit team there was very straight …almost uneventful.But its amazing to learn what goes on behind d scenes, to understand why something is, the way it is!

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