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May 30, 2004

Doodle is to scribble thoughtlessly and without purpose, dont tell me that you never liked it, everybody loves doing things for fun!! how wonderful it is if that sometthing for fun add some value, let me explain, find yourself at the bottom on right side of this page a Doodle Board. Doodle a bit !! quickly jot down ur thoughts, what you feel and as you might have seen deepak and me are playing two words a day game, good idea if u also jump in !! Hey this board refreshes after every few seconds, that simply means, if we are at this page at the same time it can very well act as a Instant Messenger 😉 Doodle a bit with purpose !! Doodling with thoughts !! and add up to your vocabulary. Tell me if we can use it for some other purpose?? Ideas !!

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