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For Sachin

June 12, 2004

Well sachin i havent mentioned anything that I felt like he was people’s man !! strange enough wat made u think that or jus to start the discussion u presumed the fact ?? well point taken … and yeah he wasnt a peoples man he wasnt a crowd puller or the one with charisma .. and he has accepted this fact in the book …
Secondly .. i cant get you wat do ya mean by tht I and we funda… wats wrong in this what he has written … simply if you write autobiograhly u are forced to use I … but he says tht watever he has accomplished is coz of the help of othrs so replace I wid we .. Simple .. Dunno wat u thinking .?? its more of an acknowledgement to everyby who helped him in his work thts it …. wats in ur mind ?? be more specific i cant get you ???
Let me reproduce the author’s note here:
This my seem a strange way to begin an autobiography. A confession: I hate having to use the first perosn. Nearly everything I have done in my life has been accomplished with other people. Yet when you write a book like this you are force to use the narrative I when its really the we that counts.
Please remember that everytime you see the word I in these pages it refers to all those wonderful colleagues and friends who have taken this journey with me.

Its a fact tht leader gets the credit .. he gets the promotion if his team performs well .. you might have noticed this in daksh too … Leader is responsible for the success or failure of hsi project, his team might to wonders for him but at the end of the day leader is the one !! In fact if he is a leader he might have something different from them …. Classic example is Sachin He is a brilliant player but wasnt able to perform good wen he was askd lead the team … for whatsoever reasons he wasnt able to deliver in tht period.. he might hav improved in future but these companies are not thr to do experiments with top positions .. wat do ya say ?? And if somebdy moves ahead othrs will get crushed !! thr will always be a better substitute … for wat u want or desire is desired by othrs too …its you who will have to work hard and get hold of the thing !! you said …. ” many people got crushed under the talent that this man had !!” Dont you think tht talent is necessary to move ahead in life and in corporate arena .. well he never used wrong means to reach thr …( at least he hasnt mentioned tht in book 😉 ) ….
I dont have any clue about this allied signals thing u have mentioned i havnt yet completed the book thr mention of allied signals in this book or its ur mind comparing two different companies if thts the case lemme know about allied signals …
well if a CEO is delivering whats harm in sticking wid him …. You cant say that they havnt delivered ….?? in fact if u see most of the companies have CEO or the leading man for quite good no of years .. if he is delivring … will like to repeat again that top positions are not to be experimented …. atleast not in huge companies like GE
“People make organizations” who ar the people here the end user of ur product or ur employees ?? waisay i feel its true in both cases end user and employee are the ones who make ur company dont you think so ?? at the end of the day its ur customer whoz the king in business … and your employees who gonna make the product and deal with the king (customer) make an organization …
its true in context of Wipro , Infosys, reliance ongc etc too … dont know wat reason u hav to differ from this fact … will like to hear it from you
In The End .. I loved the book coz its well written and told in simple plain language .. with no technical business jargon and its really electric … thr will always be people who will feel like you have snatched from their platter … you cant satisfy everybody .. never ever will you be able to do tht. WHAT DO YA SAY??

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