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June 22, 2004

What you have said is true, but you have drawn the analogy on the basis of definitions of castism and Racism. If you go bit deeper you might be aware of the fact that it is not about Africa and America but the society, let me expalin… actually its about the Africans who were brought to America by Arabs as slaves and later their descendants, they were now acutally a part of American society, ya agreed that they came from Africa, but the point of their discrimination is not this but the fact that they belong to lower race ( It is intersting to note that there is a section of scientists and community who declare and believe that characteristics as skin color, nose shape, etc define the IQ and intelligence of a person and thus superior or inferior races.) Well, my idea was to compare the politics on racism in America and politics of Castism in India. Cant they be compared and yeah add to it the regionalism too coz its more or less same, dividing society on the basis of individuals and regions ( which again comprise of individuals). Politicans there in U.S. and here in India are playing by dividing the population and thus giving some form of reservations and special legislations just to make their vote banks …. The topic is very well debatable and I feel if u see it this way we can clearly draw analogy between the two … For more details on the topic you might like to check out the following links:

1. Race
2. Caste
3. Racism
4. African Americans

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