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Mozilla Firefox

June 27, 2004

So you are more than happy and satisfied with Internet explorer, you have been using it since the you learnt to browse! its there since you were a toddler in world wide web, it has taught you how to browse through like a breeze (or shall i say it has made you a cripple), take a break and try this chap out and I bet you will not switch back to I.E.

Mozilla Firefox: K I S S ( keep it short and simple) its an open source browser from the guys who gave you Mozilla and other wonderful open source products check out: Mozilla Recently on June14 2004, Firefox moved to the version 0.9, check out the press release Here.

I have been using it since 0.8 and love it for its functionality and ease of use. Before moving ahead, I recommend you to Install it and experience it yourself , for action speaks lounder than words … Best part is that it wont take you longer to download this 4.7MB exe for wndows. To make the transition from other browsers easier, firefox will import your settings like favourites, passwords and other data from other browsers. What really differentiates every open source product from Closed one is customizability according to your needs and so is the case with Firefox, you have whole lot of extensions and plugins to suit the needs of an ordinary user to a geek who love to change the codes, check out the long list of Extensions . Will talk about my favourite extensions little later. Before that few features that you get with firefox are inbuilt pop up blocker to block those pestring popups and Tabbed browsing which let you number of websites in same browser which really really makes my life easy, i can browse through 10 sites at a time without cluttering my task bar !! a smarter search right in the toolbar and this search has no of other search tools like search, wikipedia search along with the much obvious Google search and if thats not enough you can add other available search engines to it. Apart from features like text zooming etc it has tools like javascript and CSS error/warning console for developers. If thats not all you have that long list of extensions to spice up your browser. As Mozilla guys says ” Firefox is big or small as you want”. It has extensions for RSS feed, games, calenders etc etc. My personal favourite are Session saver which lets you save the browsing session with number of tabs, which you can restore later whenever you want. It lets you name the individual sessions too like I have a session named blog with pages of this blog opened up and a session named India with all those 10-15 tabs containing wikipedia search of India, need not go and click the links again just click the session name and lo !! you have all those pages opened up (even offline if you have enough offline storage capacity) Then there is an extension Bug me not which lets you bypass the registration process at number of sites, it will give you a login name and password for a number of sites from its database !!
Dictionary search, select any word on the page, right click, select ‘dictionary search for the word’ and it will search the meaning of the word in a new tab. Another most handy extension is Quick notes to take down the notes while on the go in www it is highly customizable and need watever u write gets auto saved!! Take a look: select text on the webpage right click and select ‘send to quick notes’ other way round you would have copied it opned a text editor and pasted it there, I need not say which is faster!! Then a simple extension which gives you a clock near status bar !! There are plenty of other extensions to play with !! fiddle around with them, and make your browsing fun !!
One more feature worth mentioning is caret browsing ( can be switched on and off using F7 key) this feature places a moveable cursor in webpages, allowing you to select text with the keyboard.
Enough said … Download it and see for yourself and spread the word when you will start loving it ( you will love it, Take a Bet!!)

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