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Fight Fiercely

September 1, 2004

You guys started it all and … Sachin … First of all hats off to you, there could not have been a better way to wish him Bday… Sure you already have made his B day a day to remember, and a new nick for our Neta jee, “Fighter” Getting down the memory lane I still remember the day when I first entered Room No 13 Ö Den allotted to three ghosts ďwould be EngineersĒ (Wont get into much details of the Den and the deadly games we played and how our cult increased from three to seven some one .. Birds of feather flock together!!) I still have that scene intact in my memory, how Pramod was moving to and fro in the den, I was with my mom kept my baggage and left, just had normal Hi, Hello, but he was lost somewhere Ö still moving like a pendulum Ö and lost Ö Fast Forward .. And he has really transformed a lot!! Fighter yeah he is Ö All of us were better off than him and always had (still have) a cushion of our Parents, and we donít have to think about our sisters and parents, they were taking care of themselves and us, so we can talk ( Do we need to walk it too ??) the talk.. He surely moved ahead against all odds Ö Yeah we need not look further for he is quite an example for us Ö BUT Ö. What I have always felt is that Fighter is not using his full potential, he is not using all his arsenal (though all of us except Ö Deepak never used our full potential Ö will only talk about Fighter) on his B day I wish to remind him his old dream of getting into IIT, last time when he worked for it he landed up in Room No 13 Ö later I found it surfacing now and then but Ö for some reasons he always crushed that dream, one of the reason being I want to earn money for Ö. (Wont repeat the reasons again and again) so I want a job, but I donít think thatís the reason Ö and he should not take it as a reason either Ö itís something elseÖ Itís a disease we all (minus Deepak) are suffering from Ö its ďDonít feel like studyingĒ disease Ö ability to hang on doing straight things, we know what and how much effort it takes still we donít do it for We donít feel like doing it, we donít stretch ourselves to that limit, that threshold. He could not get a percentile in GATE, I ask him why Ö I studied but how much should I Ö Donít feel like studying anymore (well I am no exception to this ailment but as you (Sachin) say we can talk the talk Öfor we are better off so let me do it Ö ) Why ?? Donít you feel like it, hey it was you who dreamt of it and if you have got the potential to get through it why donít you do it?? why donít you stretch yourself a bit Ö you want to do it or not is a different issue first clear the first step and if you cant Ö Do not dare to dream big Ö For this attitude of not able to hang on, will always surface in every endeavor you will take up, there always will be situation that will try to hold you back, but donít you think that you will have to sail through them Ö and mid it you are much better off than many others Ö ( you agree to this ) and now you even have a job Ö What is stopping you .. You have money flowing in your account, and your job is in sync with your dream too, then why donít you make it a reality? You are not dumb ass in fact you are the most intelligent in our lot, and have got the necessary will power too, why then you donít do it?? Just need to rest your mind and think straight to go get it (I know its easy said than done for you can come back on me with same questions Ö and I will be staring you in your face with no answers Ö and I even left my job to Ö pursue my one Dream, initial enthusiasm was really High which faded away a bit, disease grip me time and again, but I am forcing myself these daysÖ but I rate you higher on that scale and if you put in little effort, and you donít even need to leave your job too, you are better off and donít come back on me with these questions) Use your resources to full and will repeat again expand your horizon and enhance your skill set, have the guts to convert your dreams into reality, donít let them end up as mugs game, donít let them come to naught or just half a page of scribble. You Dreamt it no body else you will have to do it. Then why canít you do it, you fought, but why cant you fight a fierce battle, you have the idea of competition if you canít even fight with yourself how will you fight with others? Or it is easier to fight with others?

Its time to get down and introspect, for as was the day we met in Room No 13 (all of us) as is this time to launch our self into higher orbit, and this time we should think a bit maturely not only limit our thoughts to just getting a job for Hughes is not end of the world, if some glib talker can get it, let him get it for he has got some thing which we donít have it, at least he didnít broke away in front of them, then he has got something which we lack, why do we always end up accepting the average, why donít we hang on and fight. Or is it that like a transistor the efficiency of human being is a factor of something, which like a silicon or Germanium has its threshold, beyond which he cant venture ?(You know this is not the case then why we all broke off Ö) are there some factors?? External which stopping us Ö Ask yourself if those external factors would not have been there were you have been able to sail through and achieved your goals?

Enough of mental masturbation will like to end up wishing Fighter Happy B day and luck to materialize his dream Ö (itís a different issue if he has started dreaming new dreams and no longer wish to be at IIT, then should work for the newer dreams, and at least hang on Ö to achieve them).

HmmmÖ should go to my study table some topics need effort and need me to hang on with consistency, have only 80 days to go and donít think stand chance if I keep doing things as I do Ö oh God help me to think straight for these 80 days and I will get it Ö Should go and walk (my talk) a bit Ö

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