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Matrix, Ideas and Colors….

April 17, 2005

How much effort you put in to float a Blog? Mental energy to think of a username, choosing a template and title to suit your present mood and physical energy to type and click here and there and lo you are ready to float it and make your presence felt in virtual world of machines. No, I am not planning to start up with the boring and technical talk regarding Internet and Web logs; what it can or as a matter of fact it can’t do to disseminate information and make it available to every human being residing in this world or should I say Zion of Matrix (Zion, was built by machines to keep freed humans all together at one place, where they rally around and keep their faith on God (Neo)). No I don’t want to say anything like you guessing that this virtual “world wide web” and Real world is analogous to the Matrix, not even when we know, that in its simplest form it only takes a phone call to get jacked into “world wide web” or if you have upgraded your hard ware and software you can also do it without a telephone (as Neo could do in M2 and M3) or even wirelessly (as other machines in matrix could do). Now, I don’t have the mental acumen to talk about these imaginations in greater detail, I was just thinking about them other day and could only find myself wondering in awe of these Science fiction writers… and kept wondering when I will be able to write the stuff to mesmerize the person reading it …. Earlier I said how easy is it to float a blog, but have you ever thought of effort it takes to keep it alive so that more and more visitors will come, see, read and respond to your thoughts. Just for a moment forget about other visitors, how often can you visit if you don’t have proper stuff to hook up to this world. In that case visitors if any will come and go unattended till they stop coming at all. You still don’t have time or could not find that telephone to hook up to this world. Why am I saying all this, for I visit my blog on and off and for past three months I could not visit my place altogether. Result, when I visited in last few days (this time with somewhat upgraded connection to jack up here) I didn’t even like the very feel of it, it simply doesn’t gave me the wow feel whole lot of junk things cluttered design and same ole template, some things needed desperate change.

It’s like the efforts one put in to maintain his home. You clean your house regularly and once in a year give it a complete overhaul by tossing out things you no longer need and stuffing in new stuff which match your present need and mood. So, in past few days I spent some time fiddling with the looks of my blog. Whitewashed it with new colors; after trying so many color combinations, I wasn’t getting the perfect combination matching my mood and taste (giving that wow feel!!) and all of a sudden when my mom asked me to give a try to orange background an idea struck me to use green, orange (saffron) and white as the major colors. Before I move on to other aspects of I will like to share one more thought that struk my mind … Ideas, you cant force think them, or theres no specific time when you sit down thinking and it will come to you. It just strike you like a lightning, you keep trying and keep working till you dont feel like you have got it …. and it will strike you like a Gods gift to you for not quiting when it was hard to stick to your grounds… You know what I mean…

Coming back to colors, these three colors symbolizes who we are, colors representing Indian flag. So I need not say in my profile that this blog is being hosted by an Indian!! Jokes apart, it reflects my present mood that is back in my home full of energy and vigor, no work just read and talk read and talk and then read and talk a bit more. Other than this I have removed all the clutter namely the big doodle board which was nothing but full of messages from me and Deepak, ads from google and etc etc for I know it very well I have got just one faithful visitor that is Deepak and I need not make efforts to lure him to visit my place. In all S ! d @ blog has got all new slim clutter free look. Enjoy the feel of it, till I come up with more posts. What these posts will be is a bag of mystery for now but I promise it will be whole lot better stuff … So keep visiting and guessing till my next post …. You guys are free to pour in your comments regarding new look and future posts.

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