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Random thoughts!!

April 18, 2005

Again back in front of this machine which I spend most of the time with THINKING or should I say DREAMING!! now there’s one pearl of wisdom to be added to sids list of ones in the previous post.(As sid mentioned though cliched but worth recollecting once more)
(No prizes for guessing this one’s from India’s best(or should i say most intellectual) President todate APJ Abdul Kalam)
(From the man himself NRN)

Now as the title sayz Random thoughts this one just props up to my mind. I had always loved cricket since I know and didnt take interest in many other things in life apart from my studies and enjoying with friends. So it was but natural that if I had a rold model in life it had to be a personality from the cricket world. And who better than Sachin Tendulkar to fit the bill…Success…humility…class…great ambassador for the country…few of the gentleman cricketer to play these days…But I just ponder that can one person be the all conquering GOD LIKE figure who has it all!!…So how can we say that only a single person is my role model…Does this thought come to my mind because Sachin n Indian cricket in general has been doing **** as of late or is it just that the meaning of role model has changed for me. Think it’s the latter…What did I think of a role model before? Just a person who has achieved great success in life and I like and respect that guy…But did I ever thought I want to emulate this person, not in terms of what he/she has achieved but his qualities…I dont think so. So now if I think from this perspective is a Sachin Tendulkar(He’s great no doubt but apart from 1-2 of his qualities that I can apply to life in general there’s not much to emulate from him)…So I was just wondering the people and their qualities that I really admire…here are some Role models that come to my mind straightaway…Sachin remains…Steve Waugh – grit, determination, epitomizes the fact that “Attitude is more important than ability/aptitude”…Robin Singh – Never say die attitude!!, effectively started his career at 32 and made a mark, his hard-work paid off doing great as Coach these days…I am sure he will be most sought after coach in years to come…Ok moving away from cricket…APJ Abdul Kalam – Highly insightful about any topic under the sky…sid talks abt getting depth into our talk…i often talk about not paying attention to detail…well if thr is any person who covers depth n breadth of any topic better than APJ I wud love to read him…NRN – for giving me that elusive opportunity to prove that I have it in me…and not me giving the same opportunity to 35000 Indians and the number keeps growing!!…so in effect thinking beyond himself…he was settled in life…IIT passout…working with Patni along wid wife…I think he will be earning the same amount now as he did then(if we take into account inflation n a bit of exxageration from me!!)…ok I heard he gets a salary of around 12-13 lakhs p.a. …so its obviously not about money for him…in fact there are 35000 employees in Infy which wud b SE, PMs and other higher management staff…but i guess there wud b another 10000 support staff who have been employed by Infosys…It’s just amazing the kind of difference Infosys and the founders in particular NRN have made…Just an info in Banglore there are two people employed full time who keep the pool clean thorughout the day!!…Any whatever food is left at Lunch/Dinner is taken to neighbouring villages and given to them…And given the strength Infy has thats TONNES of food…just look at the impact frnz…And there wud b umpteen other things that Infy’s doing apart from employing thousands but these were what I have seen in front of me.
And I hope the list of these Role Models keeps on increasing…Don’t know what all qualities I can emulate from these greats but whats the loss in trying!!
Looks have written enuf…So this post ended up being a Role Model post…Will keep pouring wid my posts regularly for the next few days as there lots to talk and lots of time!!

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