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Stumbled upon Mature Living

April 18, 2005

This might have happened to you too: While reading some self help book or the thoughts of great thinkers in a newspaper you come across some text which touched you deep in your heart or you liked it so much that you wish to remember it for ever and make it your guiding principle for life (it’s a different thing that life cycle of a good quote is as long as you come across another equally interesting quote in few days!!), what do you do then? Try remembering it; you mugged it up whole word for word; and then you carry on with your reading, few more lines and your mind gets messed up with some more less interesting quotes, now you don’t want to lose that more interesting more deep thought, what do you do now? If I am not wrong, you will take out your diary (with whole lot of other quotes already lying there!!) jot it down on a fresh page and rest assured that now you will never ever forget it and moreover once in a while you will have a look at it so that it gets imprinted in your mind forever. (Today that physical diary has been replaced by blog!!). Other day I came across, one such diary of mine, and came across few gospels ( I don’t remember the source of them, most probably from some newspapers published six or seven years back!!) which I will share with you guys in this and the following posts:

Here are few well known pearls of wisdom, you wont find them new, but in any case they are worth repeating once more for the present and future managers and in fact every human being. Some points highlighting mature living (reading this now I feel Forrest lead quite mature life!!)
1. At times of great stress having a daily to do list and sticking to it can be of relief from situation getting crucial work done in an orderly way also keeps you from feeling you are letting down the people around you, which just adds another layer of stress.

2. Never lose sight of why your job exists, Keep your eye on role in achieving the company’s overall goal. Don’t just work for pay.

3. Focus on outcomes not on the tasks

4. Keep things in perspective. You can’t control what happens to the economy or how the war goes. Work harder at things you can control such as meeting your next deadline. Succeeding at things where you can achieve a real difference, including family and friendships, not only makes you more productive, it keeps feelings of helplessness at bay.

5. Prioritize: Identify the things you must do today. Do those first whatever can wait until tomorrow becomes first on tomorrow’s list. Anything that’s not important to do today or tomorrow can go on a list of back burner items. You will be far less stressed if you don’t try to do everything at once. So remember the following points:

  • Do one thing at a time and do it the very best you can. The gratification you get completing a job well done will help motivate you to stay focused.
  • Do not think about what might happen instead keep your eyes on what is happening right now.
  • If you worry endlessly and your job doesn’t get done, then you really will have big problems.

To summarize, mature living is:

Goal oriented
Living with a spirit of dispassion
Acting in the present
Spiritually creative
Self endeavor
Mature ego.

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