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Forrest Gump…

May 7, 2005

‘the economy is in ruins, our nation is reviled throughout the world, lawlessness prevails in our cities, people starve of hunger every day, blah blah blah…- in view of all this, Mister Gump,’ she axe ‘what, in your mind, is the most pressing issue of he moment?’ The place was so quiet you cuda heard a pin drop.
‘I got to pee’ I says…
This is an excerpt from my recently read satire “Forrest Gump”…Sid covered up mostly what the book talks about, whether Forrest was an idiot or are we idiots!…Apart from what he covered(almost everything) had a couple of things to add…Firstly, this was the first book I have read during which I was laughing wildly while reading…A beautifully written book with language adding to the satire…The best part of the book being it makes you laugh the entire time and at the end subtly it leaves you numb…Apart from these nitty gritties the underlying message I got from the book(aprt frm one’s put by sid) was that if one is good at one thing he/she can be good at others too…It’s like the basics for all things are kind of same…If you work hard at any thing you can learn/conquer it…I think the same thing was so subtly brought about with a “supposed” idiot exceling in evrything he put his hands on from sports(Football to table tennis to wrestling), army…wars, cotton plantation, Shrimp business…And again that concept of “Commitment/Ownership/Passion” that I had talked about in the last post also came out to the fore…Although it was more about passion in Gump’s case…cos he was an idiot ofcourse!!
A must read for anyone and everyone under the sun(AND NOT JUST CURRENT OR FUTURE MANAGERS/LEADERS!! ;)…)

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