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My tryst with Leaders…

May 7, 2005

Well its been 21 months I have been working now, and just wanted to look back at some of the great leaders(not MANAGERS!!) I have worked under. I didn’t know before my experience that there wud so many EFFECTIVE leaders arnd or have I been really lucky!!…Anywayz here I try to analyse what makes them gud in their own different ways and may be finding a common quality or two amongst them…So here goes the list:
1) Senthil Kumar MV – I started my career under him at Infosys and initially didn’t like him for his drive for excellence…He never used to be satisfied/happy with my work. Always cribbing for that page number missing/allignment wrong in multiple of those useless PPTs he was/is so fond of…Always wanting more…never satisfied…I felt offended…used to argue…WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE!!…Little did I realize that here is the person who will guide me towards being a thorough professional(I am no way near being one, but going towards the right path)…I worked with him for 16 of my 17 months at Infosys(taking away 1 month training)…And his dedication/determination towards his work was exemplary…I felt may be once you at that responsible position you got to have dedication…but how wrong I was, every single person in a team is as responsible as the lead…Second thing that I later found common with my present Track Lead was the organised way of working…Tracking of issues…Timely/Exhaustive mails…A PERFECTIONIST to the core. He had one of the most analytical brain in our project…Even if he didn’t know much about how coding was done he was a great Architect(just in case this is the toughest thing in IT…Design part)
And most importantly he was/is the most short tempered person around, but havent seen/met a more emphathetic person. Just like coconut, Hard from outside but soft inside…He was one person who could drive work out of any1…Either people hated him or respected him!…I can write pages on him and his leadership qualities but…
2) Barani Kumar: He was my PM for my second project at Infosys for about 6 months…The most odd/jovial PM you would find around…He never used to worry about whats happening in the project…Was always busy pulling people’s leg…So there were two great qualities he had…TRUST…He had full confidence in his team…He knew that we guys(Deepak Munjal, Saravanan and me along with Senthil onsite) will do it…Second, he never had this air of being a PM…mind you at Infosys PMs are PMs…it was like we could discuss anything under the sun with him from TAKING LEAVE for CRICKET MACTHES, MY CRUSH!!…Then he always took gr8 care of his team whether its free lunches, leaves, cab pick and drop(I think out of the 6 months I would have gone to office 5-6 times during the weekend, but every time he made sure I came by cab even though I had a bike…my poor roomies were jealous they went to office every weekend and cab forget it)…So again EMPATHY and MAKING A CONNECTION WITH THE TEAM stands out.
3) Mohit Sawhney – He’s a new entry to my list of leaders…I have been working under him for what past 2 months…This guy has amazing dedication towards his work…The most creative and helpful person around…Keeps pulling up ideas and the kind of organised way he does his work is like makes me hard to choose who more PERFECT between him and Senthil…Very soft spoken person and the one thing evryone speaks about him is “changa banda hai”…really nice at heart.
So here we are 3 LEADERS so far in 21 months…So lemme try to figure out some commonalities among all of them:
c) ORGANISED(probably not the case with Barani!!)
d) TRUST IN THEIR TEAM MEMBERS(Barani stands out on this aspect)
So although I feel these qualities are really important but one thing I noticed was all of them were so different in their styles still they are so gud..
Senthil – “Leader with a stick!!”…Barani – “JOVIAL”…Mohit – “NICE DIPLOMATIC GUY”…
Anyways I salute all these seniors of mine and hope I get to work with them again!!

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