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May 30, 2005

Here I go…I have completed the task of recording down each and every book I have read and will be reading in coming days. It’s a long journey of 20 years and I have been into constant habit or reading books as was inculcated in me by my parents, it all started with the one and only magazine Champak discussed elsewhere in my blog and from it I moved on to other magazines: Suman Saurabh, Nandan, Parag, Nanhe Samrat to name few I would have read each and every issue of these magazines for years. Other than these monthly magazines I was ardent fan of comic characters ranging from faster than computer Chacha Choudhary, to naughty billo and Pinki to action heros like doga, fighter toads, nagraj ……. will fill this post …. Not to say haven’t missed any of the issues some of them I bought myself others borrowed from the private libraries in town. By this time I was in class ninth and my parents were also worried and asked to grow up and should start reading Competition success review or magazines with purpose, purpose bolay to …. English magazines…. Vocabulary, reading speed, comprehension and all, got the full fledged 2 years subscription of CSR and also came to know that newspapers are to be finished in a day’s time!! One more thing happened: our time table had one extra period in which we all will be taken (15 students from the class of 75 every week) to a room full of books, it was called library period and we came to know that our same ole Pradeep sir who taught us music till class eight. I was wondering and kept wondering why we were not allowed to enter library before class ninth …. This could be because we were not mature enough to read books other than text books or might be because Pradeep sir wasn’t free before class eight. Whatever might be the reason … I was more excited because I had another free period… Finally in a period of two months my turn came and was allowed to borrow one book for a period of two months flat during summer vacation. And this was when I moved ahead from the world of Pran’s Chacha Choudhary to the world of Hardy boys … the name was sinister scarecrow and it took me two long months to finish it but I really relished it and was mesmerized by the story and characters. And then in coming days I solved many cases with Frank and Joe hardy along with their friend Chet Morton. And from now on I came to know that there are two kinds of books in this world one are text books and books other than text books which are not magazines. And I can get these books which are not magazines from a library …. So here I go with my list of fictions read so far and planning to read in coming days:


1. I, Robot
2. Gods Themselves
3. Foundation Edge

SciFi’s by Issac Assimov Father of science fictions and probably the first person to coin the term robotics in his famous classic and also my personal favorite I, Robot. Foundation edge is the last in his famous foundation series in which he talks about colonies established by human beings elsewhere in galaxy; in foundation edge inhabitant of one of these colony goes out in search of planet named earth… considered to be the origin of life…

4. Don Quixote
Classic by Miguel Cervantes is again one of my favourites and the only piece of genuine literature i have read. Originally written in spanish it has been translated into almost all major languages (I got the hindi translation of it). As for the story its a story of Spanish land owner, Alonso Quixano who read many books on kinghts and got influenced by their valour, adventure and chivalrous deeds and decided to set out as a knight with a mission to fight wrongs in society and to help weak and opressed. He chirstened himself as Don Quixote de la Mancha and set out on his almost dead and skeletal horse Rocinante (for him he is the best horse in world!!) he is also accompanied by neighbourhood labour Sancho Panza. Now on his journey out he do all sorts of (mis)adventures… he interprets world in his own terms and consider windmills for evil giants or the sheep of flocks to be an army group of chained convits for the opression on poor and releases them. Like forrest gump he can also be termed as an idiot but he is not at all deterred from his path… you will laugh on his foolish deeds but wont scorn him. He teaches us to be fearless to dream to pursue ideals and most important and difficult … TO VENTURE INTO UNKNOWN.Intellectual discussions between him and his servants are really to be relished… pleasure is not in reaching the inn but on the road while you are walking… in the end … if he is shown as a mad man … what is madness? seeing things differently ??

5. Disclosures byMichael Crichton go and watch aitraz latest flick starring akshay kumar and priyanka chopra.. distorted version of disclousers!!

6. Pappilon by Henri Charare is a story of prisoner and his adventures

7. Toxic by Robin Cook One of his works on fictions based on wat else … medicnie

8. Forrest Gump by Winston Groom Find about it elsewhere on this blog

9. Five point someone by Chetan Bhagat Dil chahata hai @ IIT

10. Fountainhead by Ayan Rand is a story of an architect Howard Roark who follows his dreams brings out a theme that Man’s ego is the fountainhead of human progress

11. To kill a mocking bird by Harper Lee

Self Help fiction

12. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

13. Siddhartha by Nobel prize(1946) winnerHermann Hesse
14. Knulp by Hermann Hesse

15. The monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma

16. Who moved my cheese by Spenser Jhonson

17. Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance by Robert M Pirsing

All these books talk about living, dreams can be termed as HOW TO books for life… they all are same ole wines in different bottles …

Continued to BOOKSII 

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  1. sandhya vashisht permalink
    January 20, 2008 3:09 pm

    its true that books leave a mark on our hrt nd they seriously give a sense of deep thinking to its reader.
    if i talk about me then i never get chance 2 read good books because was in a govt. scool where we can jst get oldy books more oldy than 7 to 8 yr there is realy a lackness of new books so i hardly go through my library…..but when i was in my 8 or 9 th class my elder sis brought a book of “swami vivekananda” after reading his some speech his thought realy starts working in my mind . specially his thought” uththo jago or jab tak lakshay ki prapti na ho ruko mat”” this is a thought which realy vibrate my soul & mind…….
    after reading his speech i got fond of his books but as i was goin in ma young age time was changing very speedly & wen i started 2 read his sahitaya , i got confused …….after that ma course book never give me any free time…..and some college environment changes me.
    after that i hv just started my tutions of my c.a course & seriously got a teacher who realy inspired as our childhood time teachers …….he advised us some book then i bought a new book…the monk…..nw jst studin it……..

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