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Development of New India – Part Two

February 25, 2006

Yesterday I asked you whether we behave like a human being. So what is the difference between animal and human? In the context of our speech, I feel most important difference is that animal cannot and do not plan for the future. He do not set any goals and don’t have any vision to fulfill while we as a human being can plan, set goal and work hard to achieve them. So my dear brothers and sisters have you set any great goal to achieve, and if you really have set any goal are you working or taking right steps to make your dreams a reality?

Think of all the souls whom you consider great, souls that inspire you. Again think about their lives, what is the common among them?

I feel, they all chose a goal and then worked hard against all odds to achieve it. So my dear friends who so ever chose a goal and then work hard to achieve it will never be a simple man, he would be special.

Today the aim is “Development of new India.” How to go about it? Whenever you think of doing something, you first make a draft of that plan in your mind, and when you are sure of its success you take next step that is implement that action plan. Further I will discuss an action plan for the development of new India.

We need bricks, sand, cement and other ingredients to make a house; similarly for the development of nation we need responsible citizen. Who is this responsible citizen? I think responsible citizen is the one who:

1. Knows the infinite latent energy in him.
2. Thinks beyond self.
3. Believes in True education.
4. Believes in Entrepreneurship.

I will talk about these traits as detailed by Kailash jee in following posts. I will end this post with this quote by swami Vivekananda:

“Do not figure out big plans at first, but begin slowly, feel your ground, and proceed.”

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