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Development of New india – Final part

March 8, 2006


Today population is growing faster than job opportunities and it is not possible that every body gets a government or a private job; forget about everybody getting good jobs. Every nation has become economically strong by creating more job opportunities and today same is happening in India too, so way to top is the way of entrepreneurship. 100 years back swami jee said that to make our nation rich we should accept entrepreneurship.

We all know about one of the biggest and most respected business house TATA group but do you know that it is working on the guidelines of swami Vivekananda. When Swami jee was going to address a religion congress, at the same time one more great personality was also traveling with him on that ship. He was the man who established TATA, jamshed ji tata. On talking to him swamijee came to know that he is going to Japan for buy some machines. Swami jee asked him to manufacture these machines in India and also open research institute for the same, this would also initiate research in science and technology that would be very beneficial for the years to come. Jamshed jee was inspired by his words and accepted his advice and rest is history.

Swami jee once told his favorite disciple sharat Chandra that India needs people full of Raja guna. Raja guna means the one who manufactures or the one who is entrepreneurial. He told sharat Chandra that if not anything you can at least make gown out of Banarasi sari and sell it in foreign countries. He was very clear and knew that if you take up a job you are a servant and can only support yourself but if you are an entrepreneur you will support hundred others.

No work is big or small. But it is faith of the person doing the work, which is big or small. We all eat and relish Burgers at Mac Donald. What is he selling? He is selling just a burger, which is a foreign dish. Is India running short of its dishes? Why can’t Indian food be sold like a burger? It is because we neither make nor sell our food with that much of faith.

Today if we literate and educated use our knowledge in brining up new ventures then I am sure that in no time India would be a developed nation. If not individually, we can take the route of co-operatives. We know about Amul a brand known all over the world today. It was started and still run as a society.

We should think of things that we could do in a better way and then work on it. I have red some where that there are two kinds of lazy person: one who do not work and the second who could work a lot but work very little. Do you feel you are lazy? Come on wake up, rise and work hard. Start your journey for big goals; you will see that small goals would be attained easily.

We should not search for short cuts. But if the method is short, benefit will also be short. Why are you still sleeping, wake up. As we don’t hesitate doing any work in our home. We should come forward and take up tasks of our country: our bigger home.

What our country now wants are muscles of iron and nerves of steel, gigantic wills which nothing can resist, which can penetrate into the mysteries and secrets of the universe and will accomplish their purpose in any fashion, even if it meant going down to the bottom of the ocean, meeting death face to face.

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