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SUN outage

March 10, 2006

People have strange theories, which give birth to strange customs and traditions. How brilliantly they build up stories and we don’t even care to check the facts around us. Here is interesting story regarding Sun Outage. First I will tell you the fabricated story and then about the scientific phenomena called SUN OUTAGE

If you a stock market investor, then you must have noticed that there is CHANGE IN MARKET TIMING (Indian stock markets)due to SUN OUTAGE. Ever wondered what is SUN OUTAGE and why the hell market change timing because of it. In fact this typically happens every year during months of September/October and then February/March.
Last year during September/October there was change in timing due to sun outage. Incidentally, that was also the time of major solar eclipse. So I was told by people that it is nothing but people don’t work during solar eclipse, so it is out of tradition that brokers take off for some time when eclipse is at its peak! Good enough. But, then I wondered why change timings for fifteen days, when solar eclipse lasts for few hours? They said effect of eclipse lasts for some time! I took it for granted, accepted the facts and forgot about it.

But, as you know markets are working with changed timing these days and this will last till 19th March. There is no solar eclipse this time. That story no longer holds good! But, scientists and story teller we are, so, when I asked these people about it they said, there are minor solar eclipses now and then, which gets unnoticed but traditions are to be followed. I was amazed! What are these solar eclipses only effecting stock markets. This time some skeptics said that this is done by influential brokers to do some insider trading during off hours in a day. Pretty good!! But not good enough in the age of electronic trading and when SEBI is watching every insider movement like a watchdog. So, I was not to sit this time, I googled and wikied for SUN OUTAGE.

I was amazed to know that

Sun outage is an interruption in or distortion of geostationary satellite signals caused by interference from solar radiation.

It has nothing to do with solar eclipse. It happens each spring and fall for a period of two weeks. There are times when sun is in direct line and behind a communication satellite sending a signal to receiving satellite here on Earth. During this time energy from the sun overpower the signal form the sun and this loss or degradation of communications traffic from the satellite is referred to as sun fade, sun transit or sun outage.
Now as our stock exchanges work electronically and different centers spread across the country communicate via satellites. So during these periods they experience this problem which unfortunately has no technical solution. So all work remain closed for that period.
You can red full text here and here

Interesting isn’t it! Know the facts before believing anything!!

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