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June 23, 2006

I dont find it easy enough to reply to scraps …. too much of work …you have a scrap and then you follow following series to reply back. (I do it this way, do tell me if there’s easy way out …)

1. click on the link to open scrap book
2. read your scraps
3. Click on the names of your friends whom you wish to reply
4. Open their scrap books
5. (not needed but most of us do it) read the scraps in your friends scrap book
6. write the scrap
7. and finally submit it ….

After seven steps and too many clicks …you generally write a scrap of a line or two …. i find it too long … still there are master and madam scrappers …who use scrap books as a chat applet !! hats off to them ..they are really very hard working !! They love to increase the count of scraps in their scrap books ….

Then my friend told me there is a messenger for scrapping … scrapboy I downloaded it in hope that it will make my life easy and would be able to scrap quickly, right from my scrap book. But ….

Scrap boy is irritating ….. if you unblock your friends it will keep you telling wenever your friens scrapbook gets a scrap …(its great for those who love to keep track of their girl/boy friens actions!!)

You still have to open your friens scrapbook from scrap messenger to reply to him … again too many windows are to be opened up simultaneously …I would prefer firefox with friens scrap books opened up in different tabs …

Ace scrappers dont need any tools or messengers for scrapping …they already loving it the way it is !!

For ocassional scrappers like me .. its again not helpful …. Give me something to reply to scraps in jus one click from my scrap book itself …

Still if you scrap a lot and wish to do it diffrently and dont mind saving few clicks …. download scrapboy and have fun !!

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  1. Jess permalink
    September 25, 2006 9:55 am

    You need to rewrite your comments my friend!
    The beta software have lots of new features which let you see who is online/offline and also replay with ease to your friend scraps and much more.


  2. siddharth permalink*
    September 25, 2006 5:32 pm

    hi jess

    Scrapboy might have loads n tons of features and lets you reply to scraps … moreover this post is not a full reivew, Its just about one issue of replying to scraps conviniently and quickly, it simply not doing that !!

    Huge 25 MB application is not worth downloading, i

    ts heavy and gets handed often

    Replies from scrapboy do not appear in scrapbook instantly.

    And as I mentioned You still have to open your friens scrapbook from scrap messenger to reply to him … again too many windows are to be opened up simultaneously

    there is no link to reply to other’s scrap from your frien’s scrap book

    you cant delet offensive scraps

    and there was no support for proxy server settings

    There are other issues too …. google about it a bit you will come to know

    I would still prefer firefoxt extensions i have talked about in my other post:

    It was five months back when i downloaded, installed, played around and then unistalled it …. There might have been improvements i am not aware of ..

    I still feel it is too much of an effort for just replying scraps …. i would prefer to make more clicks or use firefox …

  3. September 25, 2006 6:33 pm

    Hi jess

    I appreciate your comment, However my review wasnt about the other feautres of the application but about the purpose that was intented from scrapboy .. That is to reduce teh number of clicks involved in replying to scraps which unfortunately wasnt solved

    1. TO reply to scraps i hav to select a frien from list and a new window opens up where i can reply

    2. cannot reply to my other friens from my frines scrapbook

    3. Cannot delete my scraps from scrapboy

    4. It is slow, changes dont appear and scraps are not reflected in scrapbook instantaneously

    5. doenst support proxy

    the point i wish to make is that it is too much of effort to download 25 MB application just – for – replying to scraps and that too not in very userfriendly manner.

    I will still stick to firefox and rather install following extension which is far better than scrapboy and server the purpose very well ….

    google about scrapboy and you will come to know about issues.

  4. Navjot Singh permalink
    October 26, 2006 6:54 am

    Well Normal ScrapBoy provided by the site is whopping 25MB!!

    Use this … Its just 3.2MB! Only difference is that this file does not contain .NET 1.0 … so if you already have .NET 1.0 why waste bandwidth over 25MB download!

  5. January 24, 2007 1:35 pm

    Latest Version of Scrapboy in 3.17MB!!
    Use this Only difference is that this file does not contain .NET 1.0 … so if you already have .NET 1.0 why waste bandwidth over 25MB download!

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