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Want to be person of the year ? Start Blogging !!

December 17, 2006

If Bill Gates along with his wife and Irish Rocker Bono were the Great person of the year 2005, then who can be the person of the year 2006 ?

Before you stress your mind and start thinking about all the great men with all their great deeds to choose one !! I tell you that there is not one, two or three there are million great souls choosen as the person of the year …. Take a look at following set of questions:

1. Do you have a Blog?

2. Are you a member of you tube?

3. Are you present at MY spaces?

4. Do you have a presence in world wide web ?

5. Are you a member of any of the social networking sites (e.g. orkut)?

if answer to any of the questions is yes, then go and party, for you are among the millions

chosen as TIme Magazine’s Person of the year 2006.

Yes, we the people control this Information age, we make web 2.0 and thus rule the world … its is you who decide the rules of the game like.. You either with Don Quixotic passionate stupidity contribute to the greatness of world wide web or like fearless joan of Arc spear head revolutions which span from virtual world to real life …

Its you who weep and laugh at words written in blogs… its you who laugh and cry at the videos of youtube , its you who share your good experiences, wisdom and knowledge to help make each citizen an elightened Buddha …

Its you who scream when US attacks Iraq, Its you who can change the way people think … Its you whoz making every one of us famous …. Its you whoz returning the power back to masses, its you whoz creating mob and its you whoz strengtithning democracy.

Its you who oogle and computer screen and its only you who look at computer screen with pity or with wonder… its also you who smile at the text chat ….

Its also me, who like an owl spend hours reading, browsing, blogging n chatting… contributing my two cents to this not – so – waste … net junk !!

Its you who’s the person of the year …. Its you who’s famous … Thank you Times !!

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p.s. by the way this also include a RAT, contributing in his own way from his RAT HOLE

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