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What?? You dont have a blog!!

June 23, 2007

In his blog Seth puts his point that everybody should have a blog, even if it is just one post long. I cannot agree more to

this having a blog idea. If you are reading this post and cared enough to click on the links in this post, then I can bet that you have a blog. It doesn’t matter if you no longer post on it. You fiddled with the idea of having a blog. I urge you to stop here and think. Think why you started it and what made you stop. There might be following reasons:

  1. Who cares
  2. Man I don’t have time
  3. Nobody reads it, Its waste of effort
  4. It is dead, nobody comments on it
  5. I don’t have anything to share
  6. What’s the motivation
  7. I don’t want to do it just for the sake of it
  8. My net connect sucks
  9. Hey every tom dick and Harry has one
  10. I want to spend more quality time offline with real people



List can go on. I came across these. I am sure that you can relate to one or more of these reasons. You must have thought of some reasons by now. If your reason falls in this list, then ask yourself did you care about any of these reasons while starting your blog. You will be lying if you say that you were not aware of these before starting one.


How many comments do you find on my blog? I have less than 4k readers in 3 years. 9 out of 10 posts on this blog are from sucking net connection. Check out archives and you will find how regular (crap) I am.

Time was never there and will never be there. I am not asking you to be full time blogger. Blog when you get time. Just blog it.


Why? Coz:


  1. You come online
  2. You check out girls on orkut
  3. You use Orkut to chat
  4. You slept one hour longer today
  5. You have something interesting to share
  6. You are reading this post
  7. There is enough storage space for your blog
  8. Hosting website is not so easy.


Invent your reasons to start one. But have your own blog. I can tell you from my personal experience that it works. It worked for me during my college days. Now, you can see that it’s not the most happening blog around, but I can safely say that blog was my differentiating factor; it helped in getting attention of the people who really mattered. (What else can you ask for; if your college dean knows you coz you have a blog). It has always been a good discussion point with people. Well, there are other reasons which I plan to write (someday) in an Ebook titled “want to get noticed: stop cooking rice, start blogging!”


What’s stopping you from sharing it with your friends and people unknown? Like they say, all great ventures are driven from inside and people who you adore were never driven by selfish motives, so is blogging. Why care for readers, comments etc etc …. Just blog from your heart and they will come to you!! Coz passion and good work is like magnet. It attracts people!!


Moreover, it’s not everybody that matters; it’s only those who read it matters.


If you reading this post and you are the one who feels that I motivated him to start a blog. Do leave a comment (phew). Come on that’s not the driving factor, however its great egoboo

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  1. deepak permalink
    June 24, 2007 2:38 pm


  2. July 16, 2007 9:18 am


    You were the one who actually encouraged me to write and start blogging. I did and in the process found a wonderful medium to express myself through my blogs. And now that I am back in to the Rat Race from B-School, I thought I will not be able to blog so often. 😦 Your post has however motivated me once again… And Heman will be back soon! Watch out for my post(s) by this weekend…

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