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Blog on wordpress – is it a shame???

September 6, 2007

Below is a mail conversation between ABC and XYZ (my friends), where in ABC calls it a shame to have a blog on wordpress.

—–Original Message—–

From: ABC []
Sent: Thu 9/6/2007 10:30 PM
Cc: 1; 2; 3; 4
Subject: Re: Email ids

its a shame its on wordpress

On 9/6/07, XYZ <> wrote:
> Hey guys, also chk this blog me and sid maintain…u can chk my version of
> our trip thr!
—————–end of message—————————————

You might consider it to be insignificant as such verbal abuses are common in web sapce. However, this is significant for followign reasons :

  1. ABC is an employee of Google
  2. To my knowledge (and i know it pretty well as he is a close friend) ABC never ever had a blog or used a blogging service be it google or wordpress.
  3. I dobut if he has ever visited
  4. He is no authority to comment such jigoistic statements

I ask him and serious bloggers (fans of blogger) to site ten good reasons to call it a shame to have blog on wordpress. Show some hard facts to prove your statement. Just because one loves his company doesnt mean he will call it a shame to use competitive solutions.

I have always loved google (infact my first blog was on blogger before i switched to wordpress) and what it has been doing to disseminate best of technologies to masses. I adore gmail and it has been my default mail since i switched to it. I believe Google has always saluted and adored any better technologies and solutions.

However, felt really sad to see this immature behavior which i feel is no less than Jigoism. It takes a lot more than just cutting edge technologies to built an organization which is loved by all.


  1. Names have been changed for obvious reasons and this conversation is for real and not fabricated to get some quick publicity.
  2. This post is here for i want the fans of both services to share their valuable experiences. and to see if this google employee and my good friend has the courage to give some explaination on this immature statement
  3. One reason i adore wordpress is for its simplicity even in error messages

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  1. deepakmalhotra permalink
    September 7, 2007 4:08 am


  2. Sachin permalink
    September 7, 2007 7:11 am

    O mi God!!

    I am sorry…i am not an avid blog writer, but a reader….

    So, cant compare Google and WordPress….but Yes, i have a different angle to this issue..

    Business Point of View:

    I guess Monopolies/Incumbments/First movers fall (One of the reason) because they fail to recognize the threats created by innovative and more customer focused solutions. Look at Facebook, you see a lot of features not available on Orkut (One of them, i recall is Pic Privacy, which is indeed a huge issue and not featuring your pictures on your profile leaves it incomplete representation)….

    History is laced with such examples…SBI vs. ICICI…Indian Airlines vs. Jet and others…Hotmail Vs. Yahoo(first)Vs. Gmail (Later)…I can go on and On and On…

    On the other hand taking full cognizance of the threats and potential competitors there are companies that have survived and excelled..One example i can recall is Bajaj Pulsar…Look what Hero Honda did to Bajaj in Late Nineties and Early 2000’s…look at the figures now….

    Deepak can help me on some more case studies…..

    I Roger with Sid on “Respecting your Competition and Taking a leaf out of their book” and also, Innovation should never stop…

    User Point of View:

    To be a need to be a user first….but i understand ABCs love for the company… You can say ‘He is highly motivated’ and Satisfied Employee of Google…But, still in Business, you have to be tolerant, Flexible and Open to Ideas…beacause these are the key things that forms the base for Innovation…

    I guess… Powerful Brands makes you so ‘Loyal’ by delivering Consistent Quality….that you cease to see beyond what you are using…For example, if I ask Maneet to use facebook, in all probablities, I can say, she will discard my offer…and would not listen anything -ve about her ‘Orkut’… leave aside using facebook and comparing with Orkut…

    So many facets to ‘Jingoism::Brand Loyalty’…..

  3. deepakmalhotra permalink
    September 7, 2007 8:34 am


  4. September 8, 2007 8:55 am

    @ Sachin

    1. Jigoism :: Brand loyalty cannot be true. It is not fair to equate loyalty of any kind with jingoistic feelings. Loyalty to one brand doesn’t mean its a “shame” to be loyal to others.

    2. I have no issues with blogger and any other solutions around, each have their pros and cons. I have always been technology/solution agnostic.

    3. Why Maneet will not join Facebook? I feel more than loyalty it is Orkut’s first mover advantage. Its similar to our real life communities, friends or home. Its Emotionally difficult to accept new and different,”Social Inertia” It happens much faster in web space than in real life. (Why your Parents moving back to Ole place in Delhi?). In the end its about human emotions only.

  5. September 9, 2007 5:13 am

    Hats off to your voice. I agree. Jingoism without knowledge is not welcome.

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