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Will it be more meaningful?

November 7, 2007

Just 328 Kms away from New Delhi is my Hometown, however:

  • Electricity supply for more than 8 hours is luxury
  • If you are tired of spotting pulsar in Delhi …. then come here and you can have good time finding it here …. I could only spot 4 in whole day …100 cc bikes still rules here
  • If 10 bucks fetch you 4-5 GolGappas in Delhi … you can have feast of 10 for 10 here
  •  Alloo tikki in bun = Burger @ MacDonald
  • what is coffee culture and Mall Mania?
  • Broad Band connection has a wait time of almost a month (lucky if you get it even then). There is wait time even for State owned Mobile connection …. and somebody said Indian telecom is going places
  • Can roam around the whole town in cycle rickshaw for just 50 Bucks
  • Length of railway platform is smaller than the length of train
  • CinePlex? … oh sorry we have Talkies or picture hall ….
  • Number of private banks = ZERO … ICICI might be opening up soon
  • Gaming industry – XBox/Playstation …young local entrepreneurs have their own game parlors … and mind it these kids can also mend these gizmos.. they are well updated about latest games and the versions of console boxes. Now, God knows who taught them all this … I am sure not at schools !!
  • Last but not least …. BLOG, Evangelist, Web2.0, RSS, Apple, Ipod, Idea factory, long tail, Flock … Hello which language is this ?

Do we have products for this Market? What are the needs of consumer here? Or the market here is still not mature to force companies to give them the products they want …. they will buy what they can from the limited money and also limited choices they have…They are least concerned with what Seth Godin is talking about or How can Guy Kawasaki’s blog can change the world … Google is launching open social or android ..There is new browser called Flock …what the heck ..sid writes at his blog idea factory …. Crap !!

Further ….I Searched for some news stories on Shahjahanpur, and its really sad to see my town in news for :

We no longer talk about these issues …. Once upon a time there were social reformers like Raja Ram Mohan, Ishwar Chand vidya sagar, Vivekanad etc in our History/Civic books (don’t know if we teach about these anymore!!). Either we do not have social problems or we no longer have men with nerves of steel to take tough decisions and fight … I don’t know …i never thought of ending this post on a serious note …however above news pieces forced me to question where are we heading to as a nation? sensex is booming …. India is no longer a country of snake charmers but of IT professionals …. world is vouching for our Economic story …. we are on the fast track going places …However where are we heading to as a society? I don’t want to sound like a pessimist ….However i could not find answers? What you and I are doing? what least can we do? Will it be more meaningful if i start writing about these real life issues? will it make any difference …. if not world ….will it help me do my bit to change the world?

Too many questions ….. First time i am sharing these openly in a public forum …. Any answers? Are you doing anything? Please share it…

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  1. Deepak permalink
    November 8, 2007 4:03 am

    hmmmm ya none of us is doing anything…forget that i feel at least v used to talk abt it sometime back…be concerned…but ve even stopped thinkin abt these issues…mabbe v were too fed up with talkin n not doing anything…so v thought lets not even talk/think abt it…sad state of affairs it is…lets get bak the fire…the jazba………i m game and this time for gud…lets light up lifes of some ppl if not ours….

  2. Ria permalink
    December 5, 2007 12:00 pm

    well wat i can say is India is a unique mix of paradox.You have an Economic boom story on one hand and a Nandigram on d other! and its always been dis way! guess India is seriously undergoing one big transformation and its d best time to be here at this point. 2015 and we’ll be another Superpower! But I guess on d fast track to progress, we have compromised on r social fabric big time! D tables have turned and now we have the West looking upto Us economically and socially!

    But r we listening? We aint. I know we can all make a difference but we need a visionary. I can do lil things and so can u…so don get disillusioned. Lets get self-motivated to bring in dat change.

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