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Movie that made me cry

December 28, 2007

American History X

No, this is not the movie that made me cry, however this was the first movie I saw on topic of racism and hate in America. Hate is waste of emotions and is a trap, as komal (pixie) highlighted in one of her posts how smile therapy works, similarly works the Hate virus, but in negative sense. This fact is very well captured in this movie. As the tagline says:

“His father taught him to hate. His friends taught him rage. His enemies gave him hope.”

The protagonist (Edward Norton as Derek Vinyard) is sort of a neo Nazi Gang leader …. He kills three black men … he goes to prison … his only friend in prison was a black man … Black man saves his life in one of the jail wars …. He is reformed …he starts believing in humanity … he is outta prison … to find his younger brother following his footsteps of hatred …. He tries to reform him … and teach him to walk on the path of spreading smile and not hate … movie ends in a sad note with the death of his brother. My take away from the movie was:

“Hate is baggage. Life’s too short to be pissed off all the time”

If not anything, this movie will really tell what fear is … and why is it a sin to hate and spread hatred. Please if you cannot help anybody smile, at least one should strive hard not to spread hate virus

Freedom Writers

This is the movie that made me cry, after reading vivek’s (Crimson Feet) Post on the movie, I saw it last night. And as he rightly said Freedom writer comes with a solution. It comes with a cure for hatred; it teaches you how to heal those kids who have caught the deadly virus of hate.

Based on a true story of a teacher (Hilary Swank as Erin Gruwell)… passionate and motivated to teach … strongly believes that we can tackle this problem of gang wars and hatred by teaching them right … her class was a bunch of guys inflected strongly with hatred and ones who strongly believed in that one can only gain respect by dying … gang wars is the solution to all their pains …. With literally no support either from students or teachers …Swank single handedly taught them to love, to share, to tolerate ….. this she did by motivating them to write and share their diaries … and thus the name Freedom writers.

It made me cry

Why I am writing this post is coz I am really touched and moved by this movie ….it made me cry … In fact the first movie that made me cry … its terrific movie … It made me cry on bad things listening their gang stories… their hardships, their lives … It made me cry for good for Swanks “Toast of Change” for her hard work to teach those kids … she did two extra jobs to collect the funds for books to teach them ….this movie is a great inspiration …

One more scene which might get lost in the bigger issue of racism …. It is when her husband leaves her for she was not giving enough time to her relationship and was too much into following her dream … and now when she was so much near to achieving her dream he left her …. She asked him why can’t he stand with her and help her attain it, as the wives do … to stand by their husbands and help live their dreams. He curtly replied … coz I am not your wife!! Now this guy is shown as a man who is not a go getter and is not ready to put in effort to live his dream of being an architect … she tried to inspire him but he is simply not doing it …. For he believes he can’t do it … as it’s simply not the right age now…. I feel that is pretty sad if you cant live your dreams … at least help your better half …. That’s what you promise when you get into love or relationship … Working as a team to help each other live their dreams … instead you chose to leave her …

I would love to walk with her …. What will you do in similar situation?

Other thing I loved about the movie was its sound track . Especially the track A Dream (inspired from the speech of King Martin Luther)

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  1. December 29, 2007 5:12 pm

    Good work dude.Very interesting writeup. Will catch up on those movies!

    Life is too short for hatred…!!



  1. Tears? - FlyNava Blog

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