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February 21, 2008

After a five day long week what do you do on weekend?

Catch up with friends, family, watch a movie or you may chose to do nothing just relax at home and get your cells charged up for the week ahead. All these weekends I have been doing one of these things. However last Saturday I got up early and joined Vimlendu and his class eighth students for this unusual walk. When I reached school he was briefing kids about the walk:

“You can anytime go to a movie or chill out at home however what you will see and experience today will be once in a life time you will never ever visit a landfill again in your life”


Yes, we were going to visit a landfill in Ghazipur. For uninitiated, landfill is a place where whole waste of the city is dumped. So it wasn’t a walk on green grass with birds chirping and fragrance of flowers but it was a walk on dead animals among the hills of waste and smell of methane, dead animals and the sound of vultures, crows and dogs.

Why on earth we decided to do this?

Vimlendu runs an NGO and teaches environment subjects to the Young ones and the agenda was to make these kids aware of this unplanned development that is happening in our country the wonderful gift we as a citizen are giving to our cities. Unlike the name landfill which is supposed to be dumping the waste deep inside the ground it was more of a “landhill” hill of waste which can easily be spotted from a distance of kilometer.

Treasure hunt


It was really wonderful place for treasure hunt, one could find all sort of things from that packet of chips, chocolate, medical waste, glass bottles, carcass of cow, bones of chicken, truck full of intestines you name it and I am sure you will be able to find it. Question is who will do the dirty work of hunting the treasure. Well this horrible and dirty job is done by children, women and men from early in the morning till late in the evening, for some it is their playground, work place and home. They segregate waste for plastic, glass and other recyclable material which can be sold to earn some money. This is when government spends some good amount of money (sorry I don’t have figures) for the concept called segregation at source or at second level so that all the recyclable material is removed before dumping. May be government want to create more job opportunities.

Akshardham Temple, Vegetable, meat supply and Yamuna

Just to share this interesting observation that this (UN) holy (?) place is near to the holy (?) and grand temple of Akshar dham which might have been built spending huge amount of money

Just in the vicinity (hardly few meters) is this big market place which supplies vegetables to Delhi; also near by is a butchery which supplies chicken and other meat to Delhi.

We have taken care of Delhi’s food and air how we can be so careless of leaving our water; no we are not leaving water. Yamuna (okay this is river which flows through Delhi) flows nearby and we will be fooling ourselves if we don’t believe that landfill is as deep as it is high and no it’s not contaminating our only supply of water.

It is sad and shocking to see that there is little or no political and people will to take up these issues of clean environment

Modern Day Museum

I wonder, if things don’t change fast it will not be long enough when we will take a think streak of water (okay, I may be over optimistic here) and tell them once upon a time there was …..

Then we will take them to a hill ….hill full of plastic rest all must have been degraded I suppose and we would viola! We would have segregated huge hill of plastic to recycle. On happy note we might have replaced our butchery and vegetable market place (or may be with no place to grow vegetables and no animals remaining we were forced to do so) with a recycle plant and rag pickers moved up the value chain as workers in these plants.

Two Questions

  1. What are you doing on weekend?
  2. What are you doing to at least reduce the waste you produce?(either leave comment or share it with larger group at link 3 Below)


  1. They Demand Better worklife
  2. Central Pollution control board
  3. Read others and share your ideas here
  4. Vimlendu
  5. Swecha
2 Comments leave one →
  1. Deepak permalink
    March 7, 2008 8:35 pm

    I agree with the article. Its sad to see the state of things handled by our Government. But as good citizen we can help minimise this burden on Mother Nature.

    In our family we make it a point to segregate recyclable waste. If you have a small kitchen garden you can easily use your household waste as manure. Glass and plasted can be segregated and sold in market. This will also fetch u some extra bucks. But apart from earning those extra bucks you will be doing a duty towards yor planet to keep it clean and pollution free.

    If all plan out these small things we wont have land fills or may be land hills, so right said in the articles.

  2. March 11, 2008 8:12 am

    Brilliantly Written. Well Structured.

    1. Waste Management and Nature Management begins at home. We need to cut down on paper usage for one. There are is only so many trees that Mother Earth can bear.

    2. Segregation at source as the previous comment points out is one outstanding solution. But it cannot be an indvidual efforts. We are talking of the crap the nation produces! It has to be a concerted effort by the municipality to provide/have segregation at collection. this ofcourse entails that we also segregate.

    3. Yamuna! We revere this river. We pollute the same. Such is the parody!

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