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IIT in Amravati … Boys not allowed..

June 26, 2008

This news triggered an interesting discussion between me and Akshit

(Read ahead at your own risk … no offense intended to anybody …. request you to ignore the ty pos …its an informal chat .. in formal chat lingo)


me: this is funny !

Akshit: i know … i shalll rather call it dark humour

me: we can call it sth else too, i dunno its not cming but there can be something

Akshit: budhha gae ho aap, memory pills lena shuru kar do

me: arrey its not memory, think of some better saracasam, its more than humor or fun

Akshit: its c**** … b***** … *******

they are even making 12 more iits anyway

me: yeah

Akshit: aur waise it doesnt matter … they wont find enough girls to fill up a whole iit

me: I wonder wat do we need engineers for

well then they will have reservation for boys there

Akshit: hehee, it sucks

me: minority seatsfor us !!

Akshit: yeah wat do we need engineers for

me: I dunno you know it you are budding one .. i am not too sure what i am being used for

Akshit: it there were no engineers who would use all the bandwidth that we have

Akshit: who would download all the movies and media and share it on the net

me: oh yes but girls dont do that either

Akshit: can you think of any other profession that is as useless as engineers to be doing that thats why they make useless engineers. They only build buggy software … remember windows 2000

me: i dunno if it was build by them

Akshit: who else can build such crappy stuff and still manage to sell like a thousand copies

me: its opening in patils hometown

Akshit: i knwm, political ambitions

me: dont say tht, how can you be so sure

Akshit: someone down her family tree will contest from her hometown

me: they might have researched it out

Akshit: and he/she will win on legacy

me: the need of it c on

Akshit: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Akshit: with 50 chicks per iit currently !!!

me: haha, you guys must be making their life horrible there

so they were not joining, may be they need independent clean environment of you buggers

me: From the news piece: Sources said Patil, concerned about fewer girl students making it to the IITs, personally talked to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and HRD Minister Arjun Singh about the proposal, which apparently led to the speedy progress in the matter. The ‘daughter-in-law’ of Vidarbha is also being credited for expeditious sanction of funds for up-gradation of Amravati airport and introduction of three trains in Vidarbha.

Akshit: ahhh

words of wisdom makin more iit is not the soln

me: then then

Akshit: improving the general socuial standard is, make women more empowered etc etc and it will take time

me: oh so we need: indian institute of social standards for men, yes Patil might approve that

‘daughter-in-law’ of Vidarbha might approve one … i will build the case and get it established in shahjahanpur

Akshit: i dont like you … you talk like my mom … with all the social service shit in head …

me: you only started it

Akshit: each one for his own

me: you only brought social standard thing

Akshit: it should be better … but women shud strive for it .. not beg for it

me: they are not begging for it

Akshit: and govt shud not play the rich man giving alms to poor women

me: they are manipulating for it

Akshit: its not upliftment .. its manipulation ya, they just make them feel empowered good for both but short term, damn i feel like i am talking to mom again

me: πŸ™‚

chalo we hope to see better engineers now (they always were better half)

people will ask where do they come from … Amravati ….!!

Akshit: hehhee

chalo i ll carry on pretending to work ..

me: same here

they all pretend yet world moves on

enjoy !!

Akshit: u know what .. even when i chat, i type in short spurts .. frown in between, rub my head a bit, then look relieved, then type in another short spurt … this way everone around me thinks i am coding πŸ™‚
me: code monkey πŸ™‚

Akshit: πŸ™‚

me: chal c ya

Akshit: chalo fir .. catchya …


me: may amravati give us engineered girls (no offense intended)

Akshit: they wud call them the 7th rock from the sun


And finally as my boss and fomer IIT Alumna questions … will girls like it? (yeah … four years in all girls environment … pretty boring ehh! are you game!!)

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  1. June 27, 2008 5:20 am

    lol… good conversation!!

    ***Akshit: u know what .. even when i chat, i type in short spurts .. frown in between, rub my head a bit, then look relieved, then type in another short spurt … this way everone around me thinks i am coding πŸ™‚
    me: code monkey πŸ™‚


    btw… I so agree to you guys… patil is the most embarrassing president India has ever had and will ever have!
    I mean these morons don’t understand that competence is relative and the moment u create a subset to measure it, u get the illusion of hidden talent being unveiled!

    I’d like to know that which part of the Indian sub continent will be engulfed by the ocean if the number of women IIT’ians doesn’t increase?… And if at all you want more competent individuals just opening extra IITs is cool enough. Whoever is good, will make it!!
    The really black day would be when these guys, kicked by their own annual brainwave patting their own backs even at the expense of breaking their neck, will feel that the IDEA can be extended to an OBC / SC / ST IIT!!!… imagine!!

    I wish kalam was still there… and If pratibha patil can be the president of india then I wud want to preside over some intergalactic parliamentary set up spanning galaxies across light years!!!

  2. June 27, 2008 5:42 am

    Well Sid… I am not sure how far will this idea be successful. I mean even if they do come up with an all gurls IIT, I wonder which gal will turn up in a god forsaken place in interior Maharashtra like Amravati… The only thing it would do is drag the value of “Brand IIT” further down to… you know where. πŸ™‚

  3. Dipika permalink
    June 27, 2008 6:57 am

    it is boring-4 yrs wid gals
    though not an IIT maybe, but mine was a gals college πŸ™‚

    n Pratibha Patil…aargghh
    less spoken, the better

  4. July 11, 2008 9:32 am

    Ha ha! Reservation for boys!

    I guess every one shall wish politics in India should be changed. But then with this system we have managed a 9% growth(before the inflation story spoilt the dream). Some one had once commented that the messy democracy like India’s can never think beyond a 5% growth.

    Still I would love to see a change – I dunno how!!

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