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Proto04 Day1- Mahesh Strikes

July 18, 2008

This session was not to be missed for Three reasons – Mahesh Murthy, Blogs and Web2.0 and later on fourth reason Kiruba Shankar

Spend some time on idea Factory and you will come to know why sid could not have missed this session on Blogs and Web2.0

Coming to Mahesh Murthy – He is one of the guys who spoiled me, it is coz of guys like him that I was inflicted by this bug of doing something different (alas! am yet not on the path). Religiously, I use to read his Business World articles, so most of his speech to me was echo of his old articles … In any case it was great listening him live ….

Mahesh’s Gyaan bytes

His exciting history – his passion for internet … turning around of companies passion fund … and now recent venture – pinstorm and Seedfund

Lessons from what worked with him – how to market? (2-3 people startup scenarios)

If you have a product that is not insanely great …don’t bother to sell it or spend advertising revenues on it

Most of the great companies start with zero advertisements.

Gyaan Chunk

1) Product should be well thought of and is different. Advertising comes much later in the life cycle of product. Spend as little as possible on ads and spend more on product.
2) Price – You should charge, charge early and charge high. If you are small you should have super premium product with super premium price …. that puts pressure on existing competitor. Price is never a function of cost. It is function of positioning. However watch out to focus on quality
3) customers and going to conferences for free – Great place to get customers is events … go to conferences not to put stall but to speak …. you will not pay a penny and yet market yourself …its good idea to go to conferences but go there without paying penny.

Random Conversation
Guy. I need money
Mahesh. What do you need money for
Guy. For marketing

Fact – marketing brain is inversely proportional to the marketing budget ….!! cola is shit product thats why they need great budget to sell it !! they need sachin to sell it 🙂

Thought leader – Do some research in your field …. and present it to people …. be a thought leader in ur niche …. become an expert in that field … when you have that data and thoughts people will come to you. No matter how niche the space is … Do people really think of you as credible people. position yourself as industry leader

Do you want to follow the trend … you can almost never be successful by following a trend. Whats the point in doing that 🙂 choose a field where you are trend setter.

Trend is End: If the trend is in magazine …. then you are late …. you should be trend setter. Do not expect to be covered for next two or three years of life. Do not ever follow a trend …..

there is some merit in no 2 to no 1 but starting as no ten you will never be no 1 …. there is almost no merit in doing copy paste ….


Q – what about market research

A – Market research is crap !! your job is not to reflect the market but to change the market … no market can tell you what to start … 🙂 that is your gut feeling ….
nobody can predict the future of market is crap …nobody can predict the future … you will have to create the future …. you go there and change it and everything will change all future looking market research is crap

Q – Finding the right bunch of people? we cant find product focused people

A – That is really not a problem u can find them its difficult ….but today you get people. your startup team needs to be passionate ….and passionate people dont go for money … 🙂 when people come to me for hiring … i tell them dont go to IIT (err i am at IIT ) people out there are pampered spoiled …. go to forums etc and you will find people there… give them great working eviron

Q – what is the best way to get money from mahesh
A – write to
Then Mahesh asked him the names of five entrepreneurs he really admire …. he came up with names … Mahesh snaped back ….all of them never appoached a VC 🙂

Q. Pricing – you said you cannot start at lower price …in B2B price is bottleneck … how do you handle that
A- simply your product is not good and different, your product is same as leader 🙂

Q – startup brand?
A- Advertising is great but spending on advertising is not great 🙂 start from ad sense, move to social networking and start growing.

In next post more on blogs and Kiruba…

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  1. July 19, 2008 3:48 am

    Nice write-up – thanks!

    Just one little correction – the right address to send proposals to is “”.

    My email address is also, not



  2. July 19, 2008 7:09 pm

    @ Mahesh

    Am glad you liked the post 🙂

    errr … Think i heard it wrong then …

    Thanks! for pointing out the correct mail id … made necessary changes in the post ….

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