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Proto04 Day2 – More companies

July 19, 2008

12:00 noon, we are back from refrehsment and session starts withan exciting sound track with right now theme …. and we move on to the next start up

(btw if you are not aware of the fact that IRCTC is a website with most no of transactions in Aisa !!)

Category E commerce

Lootstreet – Every price is negotiable

Internet was made for communication and then how can we think of e commerce without communication

say am buying a cell phone … on this platform you have buying and auctions and also the BARGAIN …. so users is allowed to Bargain the price, the features, the models of cell phone,

you can negotiate and bargain without people knowinou cg about the communication, communication is between buyer and seller.

They suggest people the best prices if available in future, Market is cyber window shoppers (who chck online and buy offline) they wish to tap them

Learning – Faster you respond to consumer better it is πŸ™‚ this site is online salesmanship … they have call in no where you can call up and do bargaining on phone.

Unique product clearly differentiating itself in crowded space of e commerce sites …. Bargaing might give you that adventure of shopping πŸ™‚

safe, simple and smart

What it is – simple prodcut, simple idea with other people might be doing it … but not the way we want to do it

Simply put – bill payments

its simple, it clean and user friendoly and hassle free … Read more

storrz – Social Shopping Mall – shop, share and discover with friends

What – place for merchants to quickly reach out to consumers.

millions of people make shopping decisions based on inputs from friends and people around. How to bring these interactions online … answer to this is Storrz

when we enter online mall …. we see people, what they buying … what are they talking of … you have shops and stores there … will be crossing 100 stores in august … there is a cookie store …. lets you buy cookies …it shows you how fast the product will be delivered to you

It is taking online interaction to next level …. drag and drop of products into shopping cart πŸ™‚

Sold to 2000 customers across india … have 55 stores like casio, cookie man, MTR etc

Idea is appealing … and unique with strong network and long tail effect. using Web2.0 features very efficiently


loot and stoorz – opposite models … justify each other ….

A – social itneraction comes into picture when there is less knowledge about the product. While lootstreet manages supply themselves while Storrz gives space to open stores and notmanages the supply chain. While bargaining might make sense for second hand goods sold on loot and that is not the case with storrz.

Storrz – Do you have limitation on no of stores … logisctics

A – unlimited merchants community decides how prodcts will be shown on site. We dont manage logistics but we have system in place… merchants will have to take care of logistics and we have written agreements with the merchants to follow the timelines and quality. However if they dont follow consumers will rate them lower and their credibility goes down.

Loot – Are you planning for reverse auction of tickets etc

A. bargaining is max wen product’s value is diminishing, so it is true that we would be scaling to reverse auction of tickets etc

Quick quiz time ….

Picture this … relate the pictures with IT term …right answer fetched choclates πŸ™‚

Back on track again

Category 3 – Out of the Box

Crederity – Trust Matters – Prevent indenty credentials and resume fraud

Problem – Trust in world wide web

they give crederity card … they create trust card by verifying individual and then this card be put on the website by the individual.


I like the tag – bring back the wow – (but then i have special liking for the word wow !!) Earlier i was generally chatting with the Blink guy … what your presentation is all about .. He told me to wait and see …some real hard work πŸ™‚


website says – We’re creating some of the most exciting technologies that will revolutionize shopper experience at retail. Our products are a result of a creative interplay between hardware and software. Our skills with these emerging technologies coupled with a sharp focus on user experience puts us in a unique position to make the most of the opportunities in the consumer – brand – retail ecosystem.


we will change the way you shop …. Product knows you and tracks you in the shopping mall it is intelligent shopping cart … its an on cart device with touch interface. innovative device with a firmware supporing web2.o features like tag clouds etc and auto suggestions based on shopping pattern. It is smart device. It also tracks your location in mall and beams the ads ….

They say hard work shows …. no wonder product got maximum applause πŸ™‚

Ferox Foods – Makhana flakes and popcorns

For Food processing industry – two products pops and flakes made of makhana

why Makana – better than mil and fish in terms of protien and is less fatty than wheat … and other data also shown in a table

lets see if they are selling this product during break, will like to taste it πŸ™‚

buyers – Middle and upper class people as Makhana is costly … Breakfast cereal market is growing at 30% growth rate … snack market is also growing at 20% y-o-y

Production is in Bihar – Bihar gov supportive

Again good applause πŸ™‚ Are we hungry ?? its pas 1 pm

NextBiT Computing

product – gcosign – networked digital display screens – out of home advertising

offering – multimedia playback hardware which can connect to web … and a web based interface provided on subscription model …which can be modifed from anywhere around the world.


express yourself in your language – type in your language …using qwerty keyboard. They have shipped around banks and hospitals around banks in embedded platform … they have patent for the method … have add ons for firefox . client list

They have genuinely solved the problem of language to certain extent …however i could not use it efficiently.. will try it again … lets move on to next and last company for today.

btw again a big applause


simply bank – meri finanical azaadi … check the pilot banking by simply dialing and uonsing mobile phone …. they making mobile phone as the identity of the person . They provide low cost infra for finanical instis to reach the untapped. Every banking transaction is via phone …. eko in action

End of company presentations, conversation round which i will simply skip unless a pressing and exciting question comes u. Event will break for lunch after this ….

btw — wont be able to eat the makhana food as it is not yet available in market. sample guy showed was lab product

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  1. Tokito permalink
    July 19, 2008 1:14 pm

    NextBiT Computing has special website for gcosign as :

  2. July 20, 2008 2:24 am

    @ Tokito

    Thanks for highlighting, however link to NextBit already directs to gcosign website πŸ™‚

  3. July 23, 2008 12:03 pm

    Hi Siddharth,

    Thanks for covering – much appreciated.

    CoFounder –

  4. September 10, 2009 8:20 pm

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. πŸ™‚ Cheers! Sandra. R.


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