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Proto04 Day2 – Post Lunch

July 20, 2008


Post lunch it was again Chaos time 🙂

We were back in the lecture hall of Day 1 so there was no way to hook on to virtual world, it was WiFi Free zone … and again my laptop ran out of Power … Vijay, are you reading this …..

So this post is based on memory, few notes i took and yes couple of pictures i clicked …

Post lunch was primarily three major activities – 1) rediff Presentation 2) Innovation BrainJam 3) Quiz


Last lap started with a presentation by Rediff (one of the sponsors of proto). Presentation was primarily to announce the launch of Rediff Developers and no wonder this announcement was in sync with corporate announcement in Media News1 and News2. (or may be the other way round … Corporate announcement being in sync with the Proto!)

Rediff did a good job by breaking this news to the forum which consists of techno entrepreneurs … It is an interesting move by rediff currently they will be supporting Facebook type applications (built in FBML) in future they will be supporting google’s open social etc … To woo the developer community they have announced monetary benefits for innovative app ideas …. In all its a good move by rediff, lets see how it will be received by two major stake holders that is Developers and Advertisers … 🙂 Read more about Rediff Apps Economy

Innovation Brain Jam

Hosted by Kiruba Shankar and Amit Somani

What? simply put Anatakshari to build ideas – you start with an idea and then next person builds on that idea and then so on and on and on; in any case if its difficult to build on the previous idea one can throw new ideas.. every idea is written is accepted and recorded without any judgment of right and wrong ..For every idea is a good idea … Theres nothing like Foolish Idea 🙂

Junta was fully charged up and in approximately 30 mins, crowd of around 200-250 people produced roughly 50-60 ideas in categories like web, mobile, social, environment and others.

[Click on the image and browse through all the idea images in various categories]

Voting Time: Then we voted for the top three ideas …. Ideally in such sessions, crowd then builds on the top three ideas by adding features, more ideas … we were running out of time we only expanded on the First idea …. Its worth mentioning that Top idea was to build a web platform or tool that connects masses and politicians and to track their performance and efficiency while in office.

For next five minutes we developed on this idea and added following features to it –

1. To not keep this data in once server as one physical server will be easily shut down or manipulated, rather develop a web tool which is sent out to all application developers so that data is distributed.

2. To have a time line search to track the stand of various politicians on various policies …. say Sonia Gandhi’s stand on nuclear policy from year 1990 till now

3. Using one of the startup idea, lifeblob for timeline tracking

4. Allow people to interact online for RTI (Right to Information) and then share it on portal with others

5. Rating system to rate politicians on various parameters like education, criminal records, efficiency etc

6. Localized version of this tool for local MPs etc

7. Politicians can interact with masses ask for their help in work, policy making etc

8. To track politicians work on three time lines – Before election, during tenure, dynamism to come up with new policies for future.

9. Project management tool for Tracking politician’s efficiency

etc etc etc … there were some more which I am not able to recall now … However it is really interesting to see how in approximately 40 mins or so we brainstormed an idea and then evolved it further …. 🙂

Books were given as gift for the top three ideas …


Final session was a quiz … which I skipped. Caught up with couple of friends, roamed around the campus. Vijay told me that winner of live blogging will be announced later online …


With that two days of enthusiasm, ideas, innovation, fun, entertainment, entrepreneurial spirit, mental masturbation, motivation and some chaos …. I loved it and enjoyed every moment of it …. above all i loved it for I live blogged it ….Ah! I suppose this is the maximum no of posts i would have written in two days …. and hey chck the size of proto tag in tag cloud …. that says it all 🙂

Read the complete story of the Event


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  1. July 26, 2008 8:41 am

    Thank you for mentioning the idea.
    I am now actually planning to work on it.

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