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I am not an expert writer, however i do try to write. So below is a collection of some of the books i have written or translated till now. These are on diverse topics depending upon the flavor of my whims during those days. Read if you wish to. Shout your thoughts about these if you feel like, it would help me in giving you better stuff in future !! Click and read on all these books are under creative commons license

  1. SNRL “Save Now read later” teaches how to use extensions of Mozilla Firefox, like scrap book and session manager, these extensions lets you manage your browsing pattern and instead of wandering away unplaned in world wide web these extensions will help ou change your browsing pattern for good.
  2. PC Blues As the name suggets this is a PC troubleshooting guide, first e book written by me. Previously it was available as website on geocities. Now its freely available. I am sure some of it will be making sense till today. Howeve i Dobut if it will in future.
  3. New India It is English translation of speech delivered in Hindi by Kailash jee. It is must read for all thsoe who care about their nation. Speech was delivered in a hihgly motivated and energetic forum of Rama Kirshna Mission, New Delhi.
  4. Squidoo Presentation on Squidoo – an online system to create lenses for information and thus presenting the infomation in mch much user friendly way and at one plcae!!
  5. Free Lunch One could not find a book as easy and well written as Free lunch by David smith. This is m review of the book. This was incidentally my first MBA assignment!!
  6. Physics and you As the name suggests – Its an attempt to answer some of your open ended humanly queries using Newtonian Physics. Started of as an email discussion with my friends and later became my last MBA assignment for leadership course. Although not written in very easy and fun to read language, has been appreciated for the thought process and clear fundas. (obviously only by the people who can understand it)
  7. Leadership Leadership assignment of Vineet from TCS, read this book for its presentation and conciseness. I have learnt a lot from him throughout the course and still learning. Passion and high work attitude are two attributes that defie him!!
  8. Than You Thanks PC!! (see i promised you will have your name on ma blog!!) for coming up with this idea of year book and thank you all for these wonderful and kind words — you all made my years ahead !!

Update as on 11th Nov 2009

OOPS!! Just realized that Yahoo geocities has been closed and sadly all the above PDFs are no longer available … give me couple of days and I  will try to find these files in my archives and update the links .. Really sorry for the inconvenience.

Update as on 8th Feb 2010

Thanks to a nice (and scary, yes it was really scary to see all my deleted files nicely sitting there!!) web archiving service that I could get back all my files. website (geocities dot ws) has recovered and archived files deleted by geocities for heaps of users.

*However visit site at your own risk as Norton was giving warning that site is not safe and 19 computer threats detected!!

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  1. Kailash Thakur permalink
    April 22, 2010 4:25 am

    Hi Siddhath ji,

    Aaj mai aapka nam google pe search kiya to appaka blog mila. Us par New India ke bare mai padha. English Translation bahut hi achha laga.Isko padhne ka bad mujhe aisa laga hi nahi ki ye speeh kabhi humne taiyar kiya.
    Appka bahut bahut dhanyabad.
    Mai abhi NOIDA mai job karta hun. Company ka nam hai : Brisctlecone. Ye company M&M ka sister concern hai.

    Kailash Thakur

  2. October 13, 2012 4:41 pm

    hi siddhath jee! how are!… i think i know u….

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