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Are you *IN LOVE*?

March 13, 2009

It didn’t work out for him in his first relationship. She told him

Dude, I loved you! However I was not *IN LOVE* with you!


I think – Organizations and CIOs who are embracing social media should realize this –

They can love social media, however to make it successful they will have to really be *IN LOVE* with social media

Hmmm, whatever that means! (Isn’t it true for anything and everything you do in life?? you got to be *IN LOVE* to make it successful)


Online censorship debate Goes to India

February 28, 2009

Seems like governments and legal bodies around the world are onto blogs and social media. Earlier it was Facebook Debate in Australia and this time it is India, where a boy is facing criminal charges for starting an orkut community against a political party (Times of India reports).  He landed up in this situation for there were hostile comments from anonymous users. Court denied protection to him saying –

…You are a computer student and you know how many people access internet portals…

Other than the usual debate of freedom of speech and expression of thoughts , interesting thing to note is that while in Australia Facebook was held responsible for a similar case, In India its the individual who is facing the heat. I feel they have simply caught the easy bait and got him scared. This also reminds me of  2004 MMS case when ebay CEO was arrested for sale of Porn CD on ebay. Google officials beware!! By the way I am wondering if there are any comments from Google. At the time of posting this blog I could not find anything either on orkut blog or Google Blog. It would be nice to hear something from them.

Who is really responsible? The Journalist or the newspaper? The user or the Orkut? The founder of the community or the anonymous commenter?

That Debate will go on … Its difficult to decide who should be held responsible for this, if it would have been a blog and his personal thoughts then it would have been easy to point fingers on him, however these cases of  un moderated online groups present a complicated case.

I haven’t seen the community nor the comments however I personally dont believe in this argument of defaming somebody through online blogs and comments, is there a real example of  defaming a genuine person or prodcut through blogs? Would really like to know such an example. This web world is unique in its sense of self regulatory system. Try blogging or posting bad about something which is really genuine and I am sure it will be followed by greater number of positive comments proving the  genuineness. So instead of reacting and initiating a criminal case against the boy, political party could have entered into positive debate and shown some courage to prove those comments to be wrong (If at all…!)

This article on Techtree covers Indian Bloggers’  comments on the issue.

TED in India and TED translation

February 25, 2009

Stephen Collins recently came back from the TED conference, and during our discussion around TED he mentioned two things which are worth sharing. So I did some googling to know more about following interesting news pieces  –

1. TED Global will be coming to india this year in November (Link)

2. TED Translation program – In March TED with support from NOKIA will be rolling out TED Translation program which,  So every TED talk will come with English Subtitles to it, which can be converted to other languages (including Hindi and Tamil) using the tool on website. Further they will open up the framework so that anyone in the world can translate the Talk into any language. Viola!! TED talks will be avaialble for everyone to get inspired …language will no longer be a barrier.

I was more interested in the second one for few weeks back  a friend of mine came up with this idea of making informative videos available in local indian languages. At that point of time we thought of  dubbing  TED talks in local languages.  Forget Dubbing! This open framework will make life very easy! little bit of search landed me up at another neat website called Dotsub – Any video any language! it says upload any video and help translate into any lanugages. I haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds neat. Check the following TED announcement video of TED translation program on Dotsub website (note the trnascript and the subtitles)

Good work TED!

Whats this Facebook debate?

February 18, 2009

Facebook is in news for al the contentious topics, lots of tweets and updates on Online Privacy and social media. So thought of following up some.

Who is responsible for what is published on Facebook?

Victorian Police suppressed the details of Arsonist during Australian Bushfire, however vigilantes published his details on a facebook group ( Sydney Morning article). This kicked the debate that like other media Facebook  is responsible for what is published on the site. THey say Publishing the details on facebook and the comments by people will affect the process of  fair trial as jury might be prejudiced by reading the things on facebook. Then there is this intersting debate aired today on Sunrise Infocus with David Galbally and Laurel Papworth (@silkcharm) discussing ‘Online Privacy’ within Australia –

Are these related events?

Interestingly few weeks back Facebook has changed the Term of services to claim “perpetual worldwide license” to anything posted on the facebook. Today they changed it back to the pervious terms of services (Link).

I am not too sure if there is any relation between these two events, but it has definitely triggered the debate which will worth following in coming days. They say world wide web is self regulatory, lets see where these debates go.

I wikied for Vigilantes, it is good read on the topic (LINK).


February 18, 2009

New offshoot of  Idea Factory, in coming days I plan to be buzzing more at this new venture –


see you around

Evergreen Debate

January 19, 2009

The Video

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It is an interview of Vivek Bhatia(CIO, COO Wesfarmers Insurance), who was awarded as New CIO of the year 2008 (Link). He achieved this in just one years time of his tenure at Wesfarmers Insurance. This achievement and the dual role of CIO and COO reminded me of an interesting debate i came across last year.

The Debate

Last year in November I got an opportunity to attend ACS 2008 Congress Dinner organized by  Australian Computer Society it is an association of  ICT professionals with mission to advance professional excellence in information technology.

a panel of seasoned CIOs from industry were asked to discuss about the Identity of IT professional or to put it in simple words What (or may be who) is an IT professional? What is the role of CIO in an organization? And also the usual debate on CIO Vs CEO. Further what is the role of bodies like ACS? Are these bodies working to imbibe qualities in a CIO to become Mr CEO or these bodies are for

These questions were stemming from the fact that there is lack of professionalism among IT professionals; unlike Doctors, Architects and Engineers in other professions like Medicine, architecture, engineering what is the identity of IT professional? Is he the code guy or is he the Business analyst should he care to understand business or he should care about technology.  Then somebody questioned that now we have added “C” in ICT who is this new animal …. who should also care about C?

Then somebody also pointed out the fact that unlike other industries this industry is so dynamic that its really difficult to keep oneself updated with various technologies and thus socities like these can help in bridging this gap.

Anyways this went on … there was no consenus …  as one gentleman with grey hair rightly said

Years (dont remember the no) back when this society was formed and we were on the panel we were discussing the same thing, fast forward we are again stuck with the same question…have we really moved ahead?

My view

I really feel this debate is not required, its not about CIO or COO or CEO or as a matter of fact any label. It is about vision, leadership and ability to leverage opportunities that one comes across as Vivek rightly said in this interview….. I look at every opportunity as a way to try and prove myself … to make most of the opportuntiy and deliver it to utmost potential.

Any thoughts?

What’s in the color

January 14, 2009

Thank you all for the commenting on last post

As many have already pointed out the correct answer is ANZ

Why that post

When I first landed up on One Direct website, first thing that came to my mind was ING Direct. However i had seen there website earlier so was wondering why this new website, is this a different product or what is it, further ING Lion was nowhere to be found. Then, I took the pain of  going to About us page to know that this is owned by ANZ.

It didnt impress me at all … i was wondering why they used Orange … when they have such a lovely Blue color. As some of the comments point out that it can be intentional to compete directly with ING or may be as ING Direct is known name people will immediately associate it with Direct banking, use of the word Direct further corroborates this reasoning, or this is just a coincidence.


So, I posted that to check if there is any relation between what colors etc communicate and Brand recall. It seems like there is some… (though its on a very small base of few comments and few mails) however none has associate the site to ANZ (barring few smart ones who took the pain of researching on one direct..however even they accept that first thing came to mind wasnt ANZ). This is deabatable as can be seen in comments too that few liked this strategy and few have voiced against it.

White Zune

In my view its only helping out ING and increasing its recall value. Some colors just stick to us. Like White Mac. So is orange for ING and this ANZ example can be like Microsoft launching white Zune just for the reason because Ipod is famous. Ridiculous!

What’s in the color?

You might argue whats in the color – Imagine this – you saw an ad of One direct somewhere…later you thought of visting website and checking it out, phew! you dont remember web address.. .only thing that stuck with you was Direct BankYou will google it  … you searched Direct Bank (google query). Here ING Direct is in the top  5 links . Next thing that might have stuck with you was Orange color and  chances are that you might rule out other results becuase these are not your color …. Or you might also go ahead and query Orange Direct Bank (google query) may be because Orange is important part of their strategy and they have products starting with Orange (like Orange Mortgage, Orange svings, Orange home loans etc) … It might sound far fetched example …. but it does say there is something in the color 🙂 ING being stronger brand and Orange being part of their strategy is sticking around with them and not helping ANZ

Too much on color – whatever the color – good service, higher interest rate on savings and lower interest rates on loans is what we want.

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