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Rambo’s trip to Jupiter

June 2, 2016

Tough Problems, Really?

At FlyNava we are building software to solve Airline Industry’s tough problems. Okay! you must be thinking Airline Industry being the front runner in technology with sophisticated systems for almost all the processes starting from reservation systems to help customers book tickets, revenue management systems (or yield management systems) with best in class features to dynamically adjust prices with booking velocity to ensure revenue maximization for an airline. Come to back end operations industry works with best in class solutions for crew and flight management to ensure thousands of flights are operating daily like a clock work.

So,  are there really any tough unsolved problems which require new products? what is our approach to solve them? Read our CEO’s blog to get some clue on this.

In Search of your Best Deal 

As Mahesh has highlighted in above blog that our first product, Jupiter is in the area of airline pricing. Now, one need not  go very far to understand the complexity and enormity of pricing function in Airline; just think about the day when you try to book a ticket and are thrown with hundreds of results for one Origin and Destination Pair (nick named as OD in industry), now if you are the one looking for best deal, I am sure you will repeat this process on multiple Online travel agent sites, airline site, call your travel agent and easily spend couple of hours ( read – daily couple of hours daily for next few days !!)  to find your “Best Deal”

Poor Rambo has to give you best deal and yet meet airlines financial goals

…Now come on the other side and imagine humble pricing analyst (let’s call him Rambo for now) who has to come up with these prices … not for ONE, but HUNDREDS  and of ODs (we are not even talking about other parameters like POS, season, currency, events, competitor, revenue targets, profitability, sales requests etc. which Rambo has to worry about). I hope you got the drift, Rambo is playing with thousands and hundreds of data points every day to arrive at a price point for a seat (to ensure that bargain hunters gets their “Best Deal” and make up for it on other seats to optimize airlines revenue and profit goals). Still can’t feel Rambo’s pain, add to it the fact that he is doing this manually or at best with self – made excel sheets; browsing his way through heaps of data spread across multiple systems to arrive at one pricing decision and moving on the next one in long queue of Hundred plus triggers waiting for his attention. Believe me he is always flexing and racing against time. He has no time to sit back and reflect on his performance, be more productive that is luxury !!

Rambo’s trip to Jupiter

Do you agree now airline pricing is complex! And deserves a fresh approach a unique solution to help Rambo do his work faster better and more effectively so that he can focus on pricing strategy to give more Best Deals to traveler! This is exactly what Jupiter will do. Future of pricing is not complex, at least not at Jupiter!

Stay tuned to read about Rambo’s exciting trip to Jupiter


Running the FlyNava Run

May 22, 2016

Today as we start our journey at FlyNava, I cannot help but visualize similar expedition that started from my couch to run 42.2k (and counting). This is a similar start, have already left the comfortable couch (read job) and started running towards far away finish line  and my monkey mind is posing familiar questions – Are you really ready? Will you be able to finish? Will you enjoy the run? Do you have right support system in place? And so on … However, my experience of training and finishing marathon gives me a good framework to answer some of these questions and feel confident about running the FlyNava run, let’s have a look at some of these:

Choose your run – Be clear from day 1 that you are in it for long term – Seth Godin is spot-on:

It’s going to be the long run a lot longer than the short run will last. Act accordingly.

@FlyNava we are committed to build products that promises to change the paradigms of aviation industry. We are clear this cannot happen overnight and we all are ready for the ultra-run.

Group it right – You can train and run alone, however there is no replacement for a group of experienced (to tell you the right approach that works) and amateur runners (to challenge what works and help you push boundaries).

@FlyNava we have consciously created a team that consists of intellect of industry experts and energy of fresh graduates to challenge our creativity and constantly remind us about our infinite capability.

Have fun –  You cannot run till you are having fun and enjoying the process of running.

Solving tough problems, working with cutting edge technology, chasing tight deadlines; @FlyNava we are doing all this along with play station, movies, parties, gym, snacks and coffee to ensure our journey is full of fun and memorable moments!

Not a quick fix – Creating anything sustainable requires a plan, patience, practice, dedication, discipline and last but not the least, right infrastructure. It is never a quick fix solution!

@FlyNava we have set up best of infrastructure, chosen top notch technology tools and have created a common plan to run towards. Now, team is ready to follow the regime and confidently chase the finish line.

Finally, as George Sheehan beautifully explains – Why do we run? Once started there is virtually no stopping to ensure future is at least as good as past:

I run so I do not lose the me I was yesterday and the me I might become tomorrow.

We @FlyNava we have all the ingredients in place for running a strong marathon! Stay tuned on our blog for the live updates of our exciting journey!

Google is using radar to build Minority Report-style speakers, home controls, and smartwatches — Quartz

May 22, 2016

Today, we tap and swipe to interact with our devices. But Google envisions a Minority Report-like future where people can control their phones, watches, and homes without touching them. On the final day (May 20) of its I/O developer conference, Google showed off improvements to Soli, a radar-based technology that makes it possible to interact…

via Google is using radar to build Minority Report-style speakers, home controls, and smartwatches — Quartz

What, Why and How of Social Media

July 27, 2011

In my earlier post on my corporate blog  the changing face of Airline website  I discussed on various trends influencing future airline websites, as promised  will touch upon one of the trend – Use of Social Tools to engage with customers across the travel life cycle.

I will not try to delve upon what is social media, why is it important for business – There is enough reports and research out there trying to prove that we are getting more and more digital and social – Instead, I will let this Kodak video do the talking – This is a story on digital transformation of Kodak – how they changed and whatever exists at Kodak now, never existed couple of years back – So very true for any industry embracing digital, including Travel and Airlines –

There is third question which is of particular interest and we definitely need to spend time on is – How are we doing Social Media and Are we actually doing it right? These questions remind me of the 10 key lessons on Social Media, as perfectly summarized by Gavin (@servantofchaos) during one of the ad:tech events-

  1. Don’t believe the hype
  2. Use subtle branding i.e. you don’t want to appear lame
  3. Social media is not free … You are putting your reputation on the line
  4. Learn from other people’s mistakes
  5. Be quick ..New ideas are only unique for a short time … It’s the zeitgeist baby!
  6. They won’t come. You have to use social media
  7. Constantly reinvent … Your social media beast develops a life of its own. Sounds like a teenager!
  8. Keep path to trial simple
  9. Understand how your audience uses social media
  10. Be brave … Social media is not for the faint hearted

It will sound repetitive, however social media is important and is transforming Travel industry in more than one ways – As is rightly highlighted in the fact – More Americans are on Facebook than have Passports and many more as highlighted in the latest infographic from Tripl – a social travel site (Please refer to image towards end of the post)

While you enjoy these interesting facts, I will get on working for the next topic – how exactly are Airlines using Social Media (Read Facebook and Twitter!!)

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English – Language of Problem solving!?

June 29, 2009

No wonder most of the products around are made in China …Watch this video to see how Chinese are rehearsing English …However it is interesting thought when Jay Walker says in his TED speech –

“…English is the world’s second language.Your native language is your life. But with English you can become part of a wider conversation. A global conversation about global problems. Like climate change or poverty. Or hunger or disease.The world has other universal languages.Mathematics is the language of science. Music is the language of emotions. And now English is becoming the language of problem solving…”

welcome back sid

May 20, 2009

Sid was out of action from virtual world …He stepped into Life Part II … Link

AIG – Brand destruction by social Media.

March 16, 2009



Above presentation  is a good case study on the Power of social media … Gone are the days when you can do “whatever” in real world and escape.  Watch out! there’s a conversation happening in the virtual world which is so very well connected and word spreads faster than you can think of … What are people talking about your brand?

Stumbled on this presentation via Laurel’s Blogpost on Reputation Annihilation in Social Media

Love the neat Visual stories at  VizEdu 🙂

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